April 01, 2014

A is for Afternoon Alone

Good evening friends!  I am so glad you stopped by!  
I read Betty's blog last night saying she was going to participate in an A to Z blog challenge .  I was intrigued and decided to check it out.  I had never heard of it but this is a big thing!  There are tons of other bloggers doing it and all linking up to one site.  I checked just a few minutes ago and there were over 2200 bloggers who have signed up to do it!  The idea is you do a post each day except Sunday and each day has a letter.  Today is A...tomorrow will be B....etc. It will end on April 30 when you have completed 26 posts.  I love this idea and find it a way to get me back to blogging regularly.  Will you join us?  You can check out the original page that tells all the details here.  Betty at Through My Back Door is joining in and also Cindi at Cindi's Primitive Country Corner. You should visit their blogs and say hello.  You will love them.  

So...for the letter A.  An afternoon Alone.  
Mama decided to pick Darbee Rae up from school today and spend the afternoon with her.  I did meet them at the park for lunch but left them soon afterward for them to have their fun.  What was I to do?  I was Alone!  I went and did a little shopping for our Easter countdown.  

Darbee and I are counting down the days until Easter.  I made an egg garland and hung it on the mantle.  Each morning, she can open one egg.  I have them filled with tiny prizes.  She gets so excited and it's a lot of fun.  When we get to the number 12 egg, we will also begin our resurrection eggs.  I will be sure and post about those then.  

I did some shopping and decided to come home and do a little decorating.  I had my Easter stuff to put out still and thought it would be neat to put it out while Darbee was at Nana's and surprise her when she came home.  I won't show you all of the pictures just yet but I will share one.

I had a fun afternoon but it sure was quiet!  I did enjoy my alone time though and I knew Darbee was having a ton of fun with Nana.  I took pizza over there for supper and we had a good evening visiting with them.  

It was a really warm and beautiful day today.  I hope you didn't get fooled!

Check back tomorrow for the letter B!

Until next time....


  1. I like how you are counting down the days to Easter with the eggs! What a cute idea! It is always fun to have a little time by yourself to get a few things done, especially if you know your little one is someone that she loves to be with :)

    Have fun with the A/Z challenge!


  2. I enjoyed reading your idea for counting the days for Easter with the egg garland. Wonderful idea! Nice to keep the bloggers feel active and enthusiasm in A to Z challenge!

  3. Loved your decorating ideas and so much fun for your wee girl.. Glad she had a great time with her Nana.. She has a wonderful one for sure.. I will be back to read B...smile.. xo

  4. Love it friend.
    Alone is good as long as it short :)
    You are blessed.
    Woolie HUGS

  5. Sometimes I get excited at the idea of being Alone. Then hubby takes the kids to the park and I just sit here being lonely and not really enjoying it. The only time I enjoy being alone is when I am shopping! Ha ha. The A-Z challenge sounds fun. What a fun idea for an Easter countdown. My kids don't even know when it is! I try and keep them in the dark as long as possible so they don't bug me about it every minute. Have a lovely week. -Steph-

  6. hello! I'm popping in from the A-Z challenge. I'm hoping to connect with fellow believers, so I'm glad I found you! I'm going to follow your blog. My kids are now grown, but I love being home with them like you are enjoying your little one. come visit me, if you'd like: http://adventuresintheballpark.blogspot.com

  7. Oh Holly I am so glad you are doing this also! Did you sign up on the the real thing? I was to scared to have that many people read my blog so I didn't...maybe next time!
    I love the countdown to Easter eggs...just like an Advent calendar. You are such a good creative mom!
    Look forward to sharing this challenge with you!
    Be blessed,

  8. i think the EASTER garland is so cute and colorful.
    GREAT IDEA!!!!