April 02, 2014

B is for Blog Books

Hello everyone!  I would like to say hi to my new visitors and followers from the A to Z challenge!  Come on in and make yourself right at home!  I am glad you decided to stop by!  

Today for the letter B, I am going to share blog books with you.  Some of you have read about them here on my blog before but I have since had several ask about them so I thought they would be something neat to share for the letter B!

I started blogging several years ago and when I first began, I wondered if there was a way to print every post and keep it in a notebook.  I wanted to always have them.  I heard of a company called 
Blog 2 Print.  I immediately checked them out and knew once I had been blogging a while I wanted to try it.  Once I did, I was hooked.  I knew this is how I would document our adventures and these would be a keepsake for Darbee one day.  At the end of each year, I order a book.  I have all of my posts from that year from January 1 until the end of November printed.  You can choose a soft cover or a hard cover book.  I always do a hard cover.  Just look at my books.

You can add a photo on the cover and also on the back of the book.

They have lots of designs to choose from too! 

I also order a separate Christmas book each year. 
I always choose the same cover for those and always put a picture of Darbee sitting in Santa's lap on the front.  It's neat to look at them and see how much she has grown!

They are nicely printed and will even include a dedication page and a table of contents if you choose.

They print each blog post as well as your pictures.

I love to just sit and look back at mine.  
To me, they are priceless and I hope Darbee will feel the same about them one day. 

Be sure and check back tomorrow for the letter C!

Until next time....


  1. Oh I so want to do this. When Granny was alive I would love to have all that documented. Can you pick and choose what posts you can put in the books?

  2. Love sitting with Darbee Rae and going through these books. She loves them now and will truly treasure them as she moves forward into adulthood. Wish there had been such a thing when you were young. Love you

  3. Holly...I am sure that she will love these books as she gets older and will cherish them.

  4. Great idea to put these into book form for your daughter! I know she will love them as she grows older! I did put one of my blogs into a book form that I was going to delete and I do enjoy looking back at my writings from it!Q


  5. Such a neat idea and such a special keepsake for Darbee as she grows!
    Be blessed,

  6. These are wonderful. Holly.
    Just think how much Darbee will enjoy
    looking through these memory books as
    she grows older!

  7. I love Blog 2 Print. For my son's 18th birthday, I had every post I'd tagged him turned into a book. He loved it! And now my daughter says although it won't be a surprise, she expects the same thing in two years. No problem!

    Visiting from A to Z

  8. Oh my gosh, I love this! How much are these books? I'm guessing pricey....but I hope not! I want to try this! so glad you shared this idea. Thank you!

  9. What a great idea! I'm wondering how much the books are too.

    Visiting you from A to Z