April 03, 2014

C is for Celebrate

Good evening friends.  It's been a warm day here in the south.  We are hearing forecasts of storms tomorrow but hoping for nothing bad.  

Today for the letter C, I chose the word celebrate.  

Isn't the fact that God gave you another day of life enough reason to celebrate each day?

This subject has been heavy on my heart for a while and I knew quickly what I would write about for the letter C.  

When I was living at home, we celebrated everything.  We always did the obvious stuff like birthdays and holidays but I'm talking little things.  My mama made a big deal out of most everything and it was fun.  I have those memories to cherish.  I can remember one winter when it snowed, we celebrated.  We decided to give gifts and have a "Christmas" in the snow.  We all had to choose one thing we already had that we wanted to give.  We wrapped up the presents and had a party and exchanged gifts.  Silly?  Maybe but oh what a memory. 

When Darbee Rae came along, I knew I wanted to do the same thing with her.  I make a big deal out of everything I can.  We count down to Valentines.  We count down to Easter.  The leprechauns visited our house on St. Patrick's Day.  We celebrate back to school.  We celebrate the end of school.  We celebrate dentist appointments that were rough and she made it through.  We celebrate it all.  Do I give gifts for all of these celebrations?  No.  We just celebrate and have fun.  We make memories.  We enjoy little moments.

I have had so many lately that scoff at anything I do "extra" to celebrate.  They think I am silly and the things I do are silly. It's so discouraging. 

There is an article circulating around Facebook and many of my friends have shared it.  
You can read it HERE.

It makes me sad to read that and see the attitude parents have taken on today.  No, you don't have to go to extremes, but celebrate with your children.  Let them see you happy and enjoying the little things in life.

So, do you celebrate each day?  

I do and will continue.  I am so thankful for the life God has given me and the child he has entrusted me with to raise.  
I will celebrate her everyday.

I will celebrate another day in God's world.

I will not let others discourage me.

Will you join me?


  1. I celebrate too Holly. We were pretty poor growing up but we always had great celebrations mostly accomplishments...you got to choose what to have for supper or what bedtime story to read. I remember those days also and isn't that what it is all about...making special memories for your family!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Be blessed,

  2. I think it is neat how you choose to celebrate; it is sad others haven't caught the joy you have in doing so and want to discourage others from doing the same. We did a lot of celebrating when the kids were younger and I think it was enjoyed by all.


  3. Love this Holly. Happy to say we are celebraters too. Enjoy the day. We are to have severe thunderstorms here today

  4. Nice! You put a smile on my face. I love celebrations, and there's always a reason to celebrate. Waking up everyday should inspire celebration. :-) Have a wonderful day and happy A to Z-ing. :-)

  5. Great idea your little girl will pick up on the celebratory spirit. Enjoy your A to Z month

  6. Great post, Holly!! I love to celebrate for all the holidays and I love to celebrate whenever just because I love my family. God is good and everyday we have on earth should be a special day.

  7. Visiting from the AtoZ challenge! Great post--people are always telling me I do too much too! I know YOLO is overused, but it's true--it reminds me of the lyrics from Point of Grace's song "This Day": "This day is frail - it will pass by. So before it's too late to recapture the time, let us share love, let us share God before this day is gone." God bless!

  8. Love this post Holly. I am so proud of you and what you do. Forget about what others may say or do. After my illness and brush with death, i celebrate every day with a thankful heart. Love you

  9. I applaud you! When I had 4 little ones it seems that I look back and could have done more but I was so busy all the time. You go girl! Don't ever get too busy! And for sure don't worry about what others think! You are a great Mom and a great daughter!