April 23, 2014

T is for Teddy Bear

Hello friends!  I am happy you stopped by for a visit tonight.

I can't believe how fast this blog challenge is going!  We only have 6 more days!  What am I going to do after it is over?  I don't know.

For the letter T, I am writing about teddy bears.  I was never a kid who loved stuffed animals very much.  I never slept with them or got attached to one as a small child.  My daughter on the other hand is the total opposite.  She LOVES stuffed animals.  When she has her own money and goes shopping, she wants to buy a stuffed animal.  It's crazy!  

When she was just a little over 2, she still had a pacifier.  She had a paci every time you seen her.  She would ask for them by color.  We had a million that were kept beside the bed and I had about a million and one in my purse.  It was ridiculous.  I decided she was getting too big for them if she could request them by color and decided to work on getting rid of them.  When you mentioned giving them up, she would quickly say no.  I read in a magazine one time about replacing them with a stuffed animal.  What a cool idea.  She could trade in the paci for a special stuffed animal and sleep with it.  I guess I can be the one to blame for fueling her love of stuffed animals huh?  Haha.  

We decided to take her to Build A  Bear.  I had an idea.  I talked to her about it first and prepared her for what was going to happen.  I explained she would take her pacifiers and stuff them into a new stuffed animal and they would be gone gone forever.  She would be such a big girl.  She quickly agreed but I knew there was no way it could be that easy.  I made sure to hide all of the extra pacifiers before we left home so she couldn't find them when we came home.  I had to be strong.  

We went and she picked out a bright pink bear.  

Just before the bear was fully stuffed, she stuffed in two of her pacifiers.  She said goodbye and put them right in.  

She chose the name "Cuddles." 

We let her pick out an outfit and we dressed her new bear.

She was a happy girl.

The transition was so easy it was scary.  
She had one melt down when we came home and she couldn't find her extra ones but we explained how she could love on Cuddles and she would be fine.

The next morning, she ordered me to cut open Cuddles and get her paci's out.  Haha.  Did I?  No.  I had to be a strong mama.  She was fine and in a day or two, she never mentioned them.  She has slept with Cuddles every night since and she is 6 1/2. 

 Cuddles goes on every vacation with us.  She goes to dentist appointments that might be a little scary.

She even gets new looks sometimes. (smile)

She likes to ride on tricycles....

And has been there for the first days of school when Darbee might be a little nervous....

She is a good friend...

and a well loved teddy bear.

Until next time....


  1. How sweet! I don't know what I will blog about either! Not sure about these last letters. LOL
    Be blessed,

  2. What a sweet post! I had a yellow and pink bunny that I slept with and one day he disappeared...he was falling apart, but I still loved him...which reminds me..I think I should ask my mom what happened to him. LOL Darbee Rae was so adorable and you were so brave not to give in. Janice

  3. Another sweet post, Holly.. Your wee girl is so sweet and like I always say... You are such a good mama.. Love your pics..
    Takes me back.. xo

  4. awwwwwwwww! Little Darbee is so adorable! How sweet and precious that she still loves her bear so dearly. Clever idea to put the paci's in the bear.

    Neither of mine were into paci's much, but they both love stuffed animals, especially Anabelle, she has tons! Justin lost his blue dog stuffed animal on a trip and it still breaks his heart to think about it.