April 21, 2014

Q is for Quiet Moments

Good evening!  I am trying to catch up!  

For the letter Q, I thought about quiet moments.  With a 6 year old running around, there are very few quiet moments in our house.  I am thankful.  I love the sound of her footsteps running through the house.  I love the sound of her voice and the happy sound of her laughter.  

But...in those rare quiet moments I often stop and thank God for his blessings.  

It doesn't have to be a quiet moment just at home.  It is sometimes in the car on a drive through town.  The car can be quiet and I notice the sky or the sunset.  

In the quiet moments before I drift off to sleep, I often find myself in prayer thanking God for my life and for helping me through another day.

In the quiet moments before I wake Darbee each morning, I find myself thinking about the day ahead of me and often find myself asking God to help me through the day and walk with me.

Do you talk to God often?  I do.  I find myself talking to him a lot during the day.  It's not long elaborate prayers but often times just a quick sentence or two.

I love my quiet moments.  Do you?

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely cherished those quiet times when my boys were small. Now that they're older, I still hold those times dear, but it does get a little too quiet at times! :)