April 09, 2014

H is for Holly

Good evening!  Welcome again!  I am loving these posts.  They give me something to think about each day and something to post.  I have enjoyed reading everyone's posts and hope to visit a few more new blogs soon!

Today for the letter H I am posting about ME-Holly!  

Nothing to interesting but just a few tidbits that you might not know.  

Since the letter H is the 8th letter of the alphabet, I will share 8 things about me.

1.  I was born 8 weeks prematurely weighing only 3 pounds!  
2.  I have never flown on an airplane.
3.  I used to shoot on a 4-H air rifle (BB gun) team and won 3 medals at a National competition in Bowling Green, KY.  
4.  I have a teaching degree and taught pre-K for 6 years.  I love the little ones!
5.  I still live in the same town I was born and raised in.  
6.  I am an only child.  My mom was an only child.  My grandmother was an only child. 
7.  I do not drink coffee.  Give me a Coke and I'm good to go.
8.  I can wiggle my ears.  Hehe.

There you have it.  Hope you found something interesting!


  1. Holly...we have a few things in common...
    I was born 6 weeks early and weighed 4 pounds.
    I have never flown on and airplane and never care to.
    I taught preschool for 4 years.
    I do not drink coffee, but give me a Mt Dew and I'm good to go.

    And I sure can't wiggle my ears!!

  2. I guessed right...I figured you would have to use Holly for the letter H! Just to add a few, you are a great mom and give a lot of loving time to your family and are super sweet!
    See you tomorrow for "I"!
    Be blessed,

  3. That's a talent to wiggle your ears! Enjoyed reading the 8 facts of you :)


  4. that's a great photo of you!
    enjoyed your post!
    have a great day!

  5. That's a strange only child thing. I've only ever met one other person who could wiggle their ears.

  6. It's nice to meet you... I prefer coke to coffee and I can wiggle my ears too... visiting via the A to Z challenge... :)

  7. Enjoyed reading a bit more about you Holley. How amazing aboout the award for shooting and even though I have flown many times..I don't want to do it anymore. I feel safer on the ground. Janice

  8. Fun to get to know you better. Airplanes scare me. Sometimes I dream I am crashing in one:/ I love Coke too, but if I had a choice it would be Dr. Pepper.