March 23, 2014

A Peek Into Our Weekend...

Good evening friends.  It's chilly here again.  Ugh!  When will spring come and decide to stay?  She made a quick appearance this weekend but her stay was only for a day.  She quickly ran away again.  

We have had a rather quiet weekend.  We didn't do much but rather enjoyed our time.  Saturday, we spent the morning at home and then ventured out to do a little thrifting. 

We heard the icee place was open for the first time this season and we had to stop by and have our first one!  These things are sooo good.  The name of the little trailer that sells them is The Frigid Frog.  They have two trailers that travel all over our area setting up and selling icees. They are delicious.  Darbee loves the Sonic the Hedgehog one with a squirt of sour.  She was a happy girl!

  We went to a few thrift shops and then tried out a new restaurant in a nearby town.  It is called Truett's Luau.  Truett Cathy is the man who started Chick-fil-A.  His family has opened up a new restaurant in a nearby town that takes on a neat Hawaiian theme.  They serve some of the regular Chick-fil-a food but also have some fish and shrimp dishes.  It was fun.  Something new.

We found nothing good on our adventures so we headed home early to take advantage of one of the warmest evenings we have had so far.  Mama and daddy gave me a new fire pit for Christmas and I have been dying to try it out!  I love it.

They came over and Kakee and Pete did too.  Darbee loved having everyone here.  They all brought snacks and we just enjoyed family time and being together.
Nothing better..right?

We roasted marshmallows....

And enjoyed smores!

We did add a touch of spring to the playhouse.

Today after church, Darbee and I enjoyed finishing off they day at the nail salon.  She enjoyed the evening playing with blocks and being creative.  Look at her helicopter she made! 

It's been a good weekend.  
We are counting down the days till spring break.  Are you?  We only have two more weeks of school until then.  I can't wait.

I hope all of you have had a great weekend. 

Until next time....


  1. Megan is on spring break for the next two weeks. I wish it felt like spring! Seems like winter wants to hang on everywhere.

    The weekend you described is my favorite kind. Have a great week!

  2. It was a good weekend here at the home place too Holly. Your daddy got orders finished in the shop, and I enjoyed the warm pretty day on the porch. Had fun at your house on Saturday night Love all my family and sharing time with all of you

  3. Oh my mouth is watering for a Smore right wishing for warm weather to enjoy them here..we had freezing rain over the weekend. Janice

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Love Smores...we made them over an outdoor fireplace when we were in Tennessee last yummy!!

  5. Nothing better than fun time with family. I love roasted marshmallows. Like mine a bit So glad things worked out with school. Have a great week

  6. Holly
    It looks like so much fun!
    I love a campfire.