October 28, 2012

Phone Photo Dump

Good afternoon everyone!  Brrr...it's cold outside!  Thanks to hurricane Sandy, we have skipped fall and went straight into winter for this week.  We are expected to have highs in the low 50's!  Yahooooo!  I love it.  I am keeping all of you that are in the path of the storm in my prayers.  Although I am excited about the cool weather for us, I know many of you are preparing for the worst.  Please stay safe and let us hear from you when you can.

I keep my cell phone with me at all times.  If I am ever somewhere and need to take a picture, I have it right with me.  It has a good camera and I often just use it in place of my camera.  I have tons of pics. on there that I haven't shared.  So, today I thought I would do a photo dump on my computer and share some with you.

We can play catch up if you will....

Remember a few weeks back when I had to send snack to Darbee's class for the letter F?
I didn't share the last cute snack we made.  They were Frankenstein rice crispy treats.
I think they turned out soo cute!

That same week was her birthday and on Friday, I went in to her class and took cupcakes, ice cream and goody bags.  
She was so excited to have a "party" at school and for me to come in.  I made her a cute birthday shirt to wear.

She was so happy.  
It was precious.  They sang happy birthday to her...here's the video!
I think she enjoyed it what do you think? (SMILE)

She enjoyed the icing on her cupcakes too!

She got another bouquet of fresh flowers from Matthew in her class.

We had her a few presents to open when she got home from school.

It seemed like we celebrated her birthday forever!

That same night, she got to go to our local high school's football game.
This is the same on where she attended cheer camp this summer.
This game, all of the cheer camp girls got to meet and cheer with the "big girls." 
They put pink ribbons in their hair since it was "pink out" night for breast cancer awareness, gave them stickers for their shirts and provided them with a snack and juice afterward!

They even did stunts with them!
This was Darbee's favorite part.

She cheered her little heart out!

They even rolled out the tumbling mat and let them tumble!

At the end, they lifted Darbee up and all sang happy birthday to her in front of everyone!
She was a little celebrity!

It was truly a fun time and memories we will never forget!

That same weekend, we rode up to the north Georgia mountains to the apple orchards.

The leaves were so pretty!
It was the apple festival weekend and boy was it packed!
We had a good time though and brought home some yummy goodies.

We enjoyed a few yummy goodies while we were there too!

Look at this delicious caramel apple! 
Is your mouth watering?
There were plenty of things there for the little ones including this huge "jumpy pillow."
Yes, this was Darbee's favorite spot!

We toured a moonshine museum and this cute little museum.
Darbee called it a "prinitive museum."

She also enjoyed the mountain slides.

We ended our time with a horse drawn buggy ride thru the orchards.

It was a very fun day.

And finally, this past Friday was our fall festival at church.
The ladies of the church prepare the cakes to be given away at the cake walk.
This year, I made a rice crispy cake I found on Pinterest.
It turned out perfectly!

The kids wear their costumes and play games. 
Darbee was excited to wear her costume.
I fixed her candy bucket to match her witch costume.

I loved how it turned out!

She wouldn't smile because she said witches don't smile! Ha!
We had a good time and she got a lot of candy!

They had a contest where you guess the amount of candy in the jar.
Guess what?  
We won it too!
We now have 244 more pieces of candy! Wow... 
She and Zack had a good time sorting thru all of that!

Are you still with me?  If so, wow....you are good.
That was a lot of pictures and a lot of catching up to do!

Getting ready for a fun and busy week!

Until next time....


  1. Everything is so fun through a child's eyes isn't it? Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.
    Be blessed,

  2. love seeing her with all this, she is precious, thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Looks like you guys have been really enjoying the season. :)