November 03, 2012

Halloween is done....

Good morning friends.  I am enjoying a good hot bowl of cheese grits this morning.  Do you like grits?  Cheese ones are my favorite!  
Halloween was a super busy day is our household.  It was a  lot of fun though.  We started early by getting Darbee Rae all dressed in her costume. They were wearing costumes to school.  She thought that was the best thing ever! 
They were trick or treating around their school that morning.  They went from room to room collecting candy.  Then, they had a Halloween party.  I went to that. I think I was just about as excited as she was!  
It was also Ms. Amanda's birthday. (Her teacher's assistant)
I made her a cute cup and filled it with chocolate!
We wrapped it up all cute and Darbee took it to her.  

She came home the day before all excited about them planning to make witches stew on Halloween.  They made it while I was there. It was so cute.
Each parent sent in an ingredient.  There was the cutest poem that went with it that Ms. Shanna read while they added the ingredients.
They turned out the lights to add some extra spook. (SMILE)

Each family is required to sign up to do a party during the year.  I luckily got the Christmas party.
The parent for the Halloween party did a great job!

I love this picture.  
She really looks like she is enjoying that cupcake huh? LOL

As soon as the party was done, Matthew's mom and I took them out and went a few blocks up to the court square for the munchkin masquerade.  All of the downtown shops have trick or treating for the little ones.
Darbee Rae and Matthew had so much fun!
They were so cute holding hands the entire time. 

We enjoyed lunch with Matthew and his mom afterward.  

After a nap, Darbee was ready to go again.  We headed out up our street trick or treating again that evening.  Do you think we had enough candy?  Oh yea.  Still do. 

It was such a fun day!

Today, all of these Halloween/fall decorations are coming down and headed up to the attic once again.  I am pulling down the Christmas decor and plan on getting started!  Yippppeeee!

Until next time....


  1. Darbee and Matthew are just adorable together.Sounds like Miss Darbee had a fun filled day I'm sure she slept well that night even with the sugar pulled down Thanksgiving today a little early for christmas for me probly in about 2 weeks.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day for all of you.


  3. Love the picture of Darbee and the cupcake:) She looks like she was doing an ad for the
    I love Halloween, now on to Thanksgiving and an excuse to eat lots...Hugs, K

  4. Sounds like it was an awesome day. Darbee and Matthew sure did look cute together. Love the photo of her eating the cupcake...too cute!!

  5. Awww...looks like she had a great time! I love the cupcake

  6. what a fun time for her. Memories are made of this! I am ready to do Christmas too.

  7. I meant to ask you in the email about Darbee and how she is doing. Looks like she is having a ball! And yes, I love cheese grits!!!