October 12, 2012

Where I'll Be...

Good afternoon everyone!  We haven't visited in a few days, so I thought I would check in with all of you and say hello.  I am saying hello and letting you know I will be away from the computer for the weekend.  Why you ask?  Well, I am spending the evening/night and all day tomorrow in a cabin!  Hubby is lucky to work for a great company who has a company cabin that employees can rent.  When we decided to have a country hoedown party for Darbee's birthday, I knew the cabin would be the perfect place.  It stays booked but we took a chance and were sooo thankful when it was open!
I dropped Darbee off at school this morning and ran a few last minute errands to finish getting the necessities for her party tomorrow.  After I picked her up from school, we headed home, loaded up the car and headed to the cabin!  We came early to have a full afternoon here.  Hubby along with Nana and Papa will be joining us for a night of fun in a bit.  But for now, Darbee is napping, I am relaxed on the couch watching the afternoon news and visiting with you all.  Life is good.

Here are a few pics. for you to see where we will be.
This is the view when you walk in the door and look to the left.  
This is the living room/bar area.  

Living room.  Yup...I am snuggled on this comfy couch right now!

Isn't this a beautiful place?  I want a cozy fire in the fireplace!

Here is the view from the right.
I just love the kitchen area.

When you head up the stairs shown in the picture above, you find two bedrooms and a bath.
See those large windows?

Here is the view from them....
They overlook the woods that lead to the big lake.

Darbee has made herself right at home.  She is so excited!

I could live here.  It is beautiful.

Darbee and I brought lunch out and she enjoyed sitting at the bar eating. 
She has informed me she would play "waitress" later tonight.

Outside, there is a large covered pavilion where we will have her party tomorrow.

Look how pretty!  
I can't wait to get out there and decorate!

So...now you know what I will be doing this evening. 
Relaxing and enjoying time with my family.

I hope all of you have a great weekend!

PS.  Please say a special prayer for my father-in-law.  He has had the shingles for nearly 5 weeks now.  He is in terrible pain and is severely dehydrated.  He is at the emergency room now.  Please pray they can get him some relief and find out if this is all stemming from the shingles or is something else.  He is miserable.  Thanks in advance!

Oh and I must add that the tooth fairy was very good to Darbee.
When she woke up and looked beside her bed, she found "fairy dust."
See the foot prints in it? Yup..she was there!

When she looked under her pillow, she found three dollars and a pack of gum.
The money was extra special!  It was coated in fairy dust too!
A letter from the tooth fairy was on the nightstand also!

Check out that special money!

She was one happy girl!


  1. First I am happy you all can be in a cozy cabin. I am also excited to see how you decorate that already pretty place for your cutie pie's party.
    I can't wait to see the pictures you take.

    Please know that my husband and I will be praying for your FIL. My Grandmother had the shingles and it is very painful, so we pray that he gets strong and gets better FAST.
    Please let your hubby know we are praying for his Dad.

    Also give Darbee a BIG Birthday hug for me.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Darbee!!!!!

    Holly have a fun time, like I already said I can't wait to see your next post of the Birthday party and Birthday girl.

    Fall Blessings

  2. Wow what a very special birthday and such a good idea! Precious memories being made here.
    Tooth fairy....adorable....she looks like she just got up from her nap.

  3. What a beautiful cabin and place to have a party! Happy Birthday, Darbee..!! I loved the Fairy Dust:) Can't wait to see the birthday pictures. Have a fun weekend...!

  4. Hi Holly, wow what a nice cabin. I hope you get to enjoy a cozy fire in that beautiful fireplace! This looks like a perfect place for a party. I can't wait to see all of the special pictures.
    Have a fabulous time, praying for your FIL!
    Be blessed,

  5. Oh it looks so cozy and yes perfect for the hoe down party.Love how special the tooth fairy visit was.Sending up a prayer for your FIL I had to take care of a lady when I was in nursing with shingles and they were horrible.Have a wonderful weekend!~Amy

  6. The cabin is lovely, Holly. The tooth fairy was very good to her! I just adore the effort you put into making it special and real for her, children need that....imagination.

  7. I would never want to live that cabin! Sounds like the perfect getaway. :)