October 07, 2012

Fun Fall Day...

Good morning friends.  Happy Sunday!  It is homecoming at our church today.  A good time with wonderful worship and good southern cooking is planned.  I am up early to finish cooking.  Homemade bread is baking in the bread machine.  MMmmmmm....will soon smell heavenly.

Yesterday, hubby, Darbee Rae and I headed out early for a new adventure.  We read about this flea market that is held the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month in a small town called Rock Mills just over in Alabama.  We wanted to try it out.

Just look at the place.
The flea market is held inside an old mill building.  It was so pretty and I loved listening to the water flowing.  Such a peaceful sound.

When we walked in, the smell of breakfast immediately called to our tummys.  
We checked out a few booths and I knew we had made a great choice.

Just look at all of this stuff.  I was in heaven.  It's so funny because Darbee Rae was too!  She would pick up a "old" piece and say "Oh Mommy.  Look at this.  You would like this."  Yup...a prim shopper in training!  I love it.
She even found her a "prim" treasure!
In one booth, it was filled with old tools.  She spotted this little hammer and immediately had to have it.  I've never seen one like it.  It is probably about 6-8 inches tall.  She was thrilled to have a real hammer of her own that she could use with Papa in his woodshop.  
There were so many neat items.
We had such a good time there and found a few treasures we couldn't live without.
We will definitely return the next time it is open and plan on taking Nana and Papa along. :)

After that fun morning, we headed over to Lafayette to an awesome pumpkin patch.  My friend Stephanie told us about it last year and we went.  We loved it and couldn't wait to go back this year!

Here is the entrance.  Just looks like fun huh?

It was pretty crowded!  The weather was nice but a bit hot.  It was in the middle 80's here yesterday!  Ugh...sure wish it had been a "fall" day!
Darbee Rae was so excited.  
She was ready to play and so excited about the hay ride.  
You enter through this neat little building.  It has a yummy cafe and a really neat gift shop inside.
We love browsing around in there. 
Once you purchase your tickets and walk out of the building, you view this.  
Looks like fun huh?  
We immediately headed down the hill to the play section.  
I knew she was excited to jump but she ran right past the bounce houses and straight here.....
She wanted to ride a horse.  
She LOVES riding horses and ponies.  
This was one of the highlights of her day. :)

Then of course, she headed to jump.

Looks like fun huh?  
She laughed and jumped forever.  

It was really hard to get her to pose for any pictures.  She was on the go.
I managed to get a few though. :)

Next stop was Thomas the Train.

She patiently waited for her turn and then off she went.
Last year, hubby had to ride with her.

This year she said, "I want to ride by myself. I can do it."
Oh my how my baby is growing up.

Next, we hopped on the hayride over to the pumpkin patch.
Just look at all those pumpkins that greeted us.  Wow!  How is one supposed to find the perfect pumpkin out of all of those?  I had a feeling we were going to be there searching for a while so we headed to the barn to see the animals first. :)

We stopped for a few pictures.
Aren't the decorations adorable?  I just loved this old truck.
Sure wish I could have brought it home to decorate at Darbee's birthday party next weekend. (SMILE) Guess that souvenir would have been a bit costly huh?

I love this kid so much.  
She makes life so fun.

Our first stop was the rabbits.  
She was brave enough to actually hold one!

Had it moved one bit I think she would have thrown it! Ha...but at least she overcame her fear and got it in her lap.  :)  Big girl.

Then we visited with the donkeys.  
These were called Jerusalem donkeys.  
They have a stripe up their back and a stripe going across their back near the bottom of their necks.  The two stripes form a cross.  How neat!  Have you ever seen or heard of them?   

They were so gentle.

The horses were a hit too!

Another photo opportunity! :)

Then, we headed over to the corn.

You chose some corn, put it in this contraption and it shucked all of the kernels off!
They were taking the corn out of the bins by the bucket fulls and bringing it over to here....
where they were making fresh ground corn meal.
We bought a bag full.  It was still warm. :)
Can't wait to try some cornbread or grits.  Yum.

Finally, we had to pick our pumpkin.
Can you tell she was a little excited?  Yes and a little hot!  
Yikes...it was out in the direct sun and yes....it was HOT!

Darbee was determined to fin the perfect pumpkin.
It had to be "her size" and one that she could carry.
She tried picking up tons of them but some were just too heavy!

Still searching......

Finally, she found the perfect one.

We all did!

We headed back for a cold drink and a prize from the store.

What a fun day!
Thanks for coming along!

Hope all of you are having a great weekend too.
Today is homecoming at church.
Looking forward to a good day of worship and southern cooking.
Nothing better.

Until next time....


  1. Glad you had a great day. Can't wait to go to the flea market with you next time. Darbee was too cute showing Papa her hammmer. Love ya

  2. Holly, first I have to say your daughter is a cutie pie. I can see and tell what a wonderful Mother/Daughter relationship you both have. It is so priceless. I loved the pic of her with the white bunny she was holding.
    Also great job having Darbee in training, she picked out that old hammer. She has your eye.
    Wonderful pictures of Darbee and those pumpkins looked heavier than her, to cute and Darbee is always SMILING!!!!
    Great photo's, enjoy every minute because they grow up TOO fast our oldest son is in college and will be 21 in Dec. and our youngest son is in 12th grade and will be 18 also in Dec.
    I have about 15 scrap books for them, even their ultra sound pictures. That is another passion of mine, is scrapbooking. My husband said they will love them later in life when they are married and have their own children and they will be able to show their children the scrapbooks and I will be scrapbooking our grandchildren when our sons start their families(ALOT LATER) LOL!
    Enjoy your weekend
    Fall Blessings,

  3. What a fun day for you as a Family!! Reminds me of my childhood and raising our Son:) My father had an old truck he restored as pictured and my grandfather raised white long ear rabbits, I wont mentioned what he raised them for:( I miss going to the pumpkin patches and picking that "special" Jack O Lantern...and I must say, I Love how Darbee always looks like a little lady and so happy in your pictures! Great Job, Mom and Dad! Have a great week....Hugs, K

  4. Oh what an awesome day! I love the flea market and would love to see what you got. I think it is so special that Darbee got her own hammer to help Papa with, I am sure he will be excited too. Love EVERYTHING at the pumpkin patch, wow there is a lot. Great pictures, I too love the old truck. Thanks for sharing your day!
    Be blessed,

  5. Looks like you all had a great Fun Fall Day!! What a pretty area where the flea market was...love the little hammer the Darbee got to use when helping her Papa. And what an awesome pumpkin patch!! We have a place like it not far from here that we took our girls to when they were little and now my daughter takes my grandkids there. Thanks for sharing your special day with all of us.

  6. Looks like you guys had a fun day. Darbee Rae's hair has gotten so long, it's beautiful! :)

  7. What a fun Fall day you had indeed. Loved reading about your latest adventures. Have a great week, Janice