October 09, 2012

Another first...

Good evening everyone.  I hope all of you have had a good day.  Me-tonight I am drained.  Why you ask?  Let me explain.
I am a worry wart.  I know I shouldn't, but I tend to worry a lot about everything.  Even crazy stuff I shouldn't let bother me.  But...that's me.
A visiting preacher at our church Sunday talked about how easy it is to "give everything to God."  How that can become routine.  Yes, someone may walk to the altar but to actually walk away and whole heartedly give it to God is hard.  He talked about how one can pray and hand over their troubles and problems to God but will still worry about the matter days later.  I have to admit I am guilty of that too.  Aren't you?  Isn't it hard to really forget about something and let God handle it?  If only I could learn to do that.

Anyway...Darbee Rae had a dentist appointment today.  She had had a tooth right in the front filled months ago.  One night, she was playing with a straw and stuck it in between her teeth.  Out popped the filling.  Oops!  I called to make an appointment and for some reason or another had to wait.  

Fast forward to today.  Today was the day to have it filled again.  She was very nervous about the shot, but was very brave.  Her dentist is soooo good.  She told her that her fingernail got in the way and "scratched" her.  Hehe...they are so good.  She told Darbee she would be sure and clip her nails right away! :)  Too cute.  Once she started drilling, she saw that she was going to get into the nerve.  She stopped and wanted to x-ray it.  She said if it was, she would feel better if she pulled it.  We decided it would be best anyway and not take a chance of having her hurt later with nerve damage.  So...she pulled my baby's first tooth.  Right in front.  Right before picture day.  
Needless to say, I was a nervous wreck with a pounding headache when we walked out of there. 
She was so brave.  She NEVER flinched! Oh and guess what?  Her two bottom teeth are loose too!  Wow.

Here she is right afterward.  She still looks a little loopy huh?  Hehe...

Here she is tonight...so proud of her new hole and so very excited for the tooth fairy to come tonight.

She has a neat little box to put under her pillow tonight.

So...tonight I am relieved it is over.  So proud of my big brave girl.  A little sad that she is growing up so fast.  Worried?  Of course...a whole new set of worries.  What will the kids say?  Will they make fun of her?  Oh my...be still my racing mind.

Another first down in the books.

Until next time....


  1. Darbee Rae is a trooper. She just accepted it and continued on. She will be fine. She has so much self confidence. I am so proud of her. Get a grip on things Little Mama. One day years ago you lost your front teeth too. You survived with no scars. Life goes on.
    Love you both.

  2. As your mama said Holley, life goes on. My grands have been taking turns so much losing teeth that I feel the tooth fairy is going to go broke! Darbee Rae is a little trooper and I'm sure she will forget whatever pain once she discovers what the tooth fairy brings her. Take care, Janice

  3. Oh how funny, Holly, your Mama's advice!!!! Wonder who gave it to her when you lost yours?lol She is a doll what ever. Andrew has lost 3 of his. Loves the tooth fairy visits.

  4. It is hard to give or worries fully to God...to do that we must trust wholly that He is in charge and He has it all handled not us. It is something I too struggle with. I am sure Darbee will be envies by the kids not teased. Deep breaths and trust Him!
    Be blessed,

    She is so darn cute!

  5. Your a Mother, you will worry:) I can tell you as your child gets older the worries don't stop, as "Your" Mother would agree;) Giving it over to God shows you have Faith, but it doesn't make the worries go completely away, shows heart and compassion, too.....Our children are resilient, if we could only take pointers from them:))

  6. I think as Mother's...we all worry a litte about our children. My youngest is leaving the nest to her very own first apartment. She is nervous and so am I as I will have now have an empty nest.
    Darbee looks so cute and is going to be thrilled when she sees what the tooth fairy leaves her.
    hugs from one mama to another,

  7. Ohhh how many times do I do this. My new moto has been...for quite some time...Let Go..Let God! I am actually even going to get it tatooed some where on my body!!! I'm thinking my foot, because I want it someplace I can see it! Maybe that sounds crazy...but I just love the saying...but like you stuggle with doing it!

    Your little girl looks adorable with her missing front tooth. I'm guessing the kids at school are going to be jealous that they aren't missing one! My son is six, he's lost his two bottom teeth and is just WAITING to loose more!!!


  8. Morning Friend
    It is always so much eaiser said then done.
    But we keep on trying and giving it to Him over and over again.
    Thankful we have a Loving GOD!
    Darbee is such a cute trooper.
    Oh she just makes me smile.
    Have a wonderful day
    Hugs & JOY


  9. I struggle with the letting go too.Hard when it's still there.I'm better at praise once the storm passes..smile..Darbee was such a brave girl and still looks adorable.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  10. here's a hug, for you, you are a great Mom! there's a phrase, "don't sweat the small things", but even a little thing is big when it is about your darling. the difference comes though when you just ask the Lord to help you 7 He will. I'm still working on this one almost 20 yr. into it, but time and again I can look back and see that yes, He was faithful and did help me. He helps us all. Bless you! One of my favorite pictures is of my boy, tooth missing in the front!

  11. I love, love, my kid's pictures with missing teeth. It's adorable and captures the special time and age perfectly. What a great dentist and what a great mommy you are for being so brave too:) I worry about everything too. Sometimes I am worried and I don't even know what about!!! Isn't that crazy? I bet you are a perfectonist and want things to be just right all the time. She's a cutie.

  12. It looks like she handled it very well. I'm sure she was excited about the tooth fairy visiting! :)