October 15, 2012

A Party To Remember

Good afternoon!  Come in and get comfortable.  I am not a coffee drinker, but I can offer you a glass of Coke.  That's my get up and go every morning. Hehe.  
After some crazy storms before dawn this morning, the sun has decided to show its face and the wind is steadily blowing.  Turning out to be a beautiful day.

Are you comfy yet?  Good.  Let me warn you before I start, this will be a long picture heavy post.  Yet another post where I want to share things with you all but also one I want to have documented in my blog book.  

So are you ready?
Let's go...

On our last visit, I showed you where I would be spending my weekend.  The cabin was so cozy and such a fun place.  
Just look at the place.....This is the view driving in on the long winding driveway.

As the driveway curves around and you near the top, you are greeted with the cozy cabin.  

As you pull up to the back of the cabin, you are also looking directly in to the pavilion.
I didn't get a big picture of the pavilion, but there were four of these flower boxes filled with beautiful fall mums that greeted you.  They just added to the decor perfectly.

Friday night was such a fun night.  Hubby came over after work and Nana and Papa joined us as well.  It was a fun evening spent eating junk, laughing and a little horse play!
I love the look on Papa's face as Darbee heads in for the punch.
They had fun "wrestling."
Such sweet memories were made.

A dear family friend stopped by a present for Darbee and cupcakes.  We had our own little party that night and enjoyed visiting.  

We headed to bed late with alot of excitement in our hearts for the day ahead.
Darbee Rae was very excited for her party but was just as excited about fishing.
She has been wanting to go fishing for so long and couldn't wait to get to the lake. 
As soon as breakfast was done, they were out the door.

She and Papa loaded up the wagon and headed out.

They quickly had a change of plans.  
Why ride in the wagon alone?

Get Papa to join you and it's surely going to be much more fun. 
She the excitement in Darbee's face and the boyish thrill in Papa's?
This made me smile and nearly have a heart attack at the same time.

Papa kicked off with his feey and they went FLYING down the way.

The screams and laughter could be heard a mile away I'm sure.  
But they made it....safely!

They fished.....

and fished......

and fished....forever.  They caught some really nice size
catfish and had a great time.  

While they were occupied with that, Nana and I headed outside to get the decorating underway. 
Although the temps were in the 70's, the fireplace kept screaming at us.  We had to build a fire.  How does two women build a fire?
With lighter fluid and charcoal of course!

We had one heck of a fire.  We were proud of ourselves!
It smelled soooo good and added a cozy effect to the party.

After fishing was done, I had a great little helper.

She worked so hard to help get things ready.
She was so excited for many of her friends to come.

I found this small table in the closet and knew right away what it's purpose was. 
It made a perfect kiddie table!  The bales of hay were the perfect height for seats.
How does it look?

Next came the food tables. We did simple things.  Hot dogs done in the crockpot.  Who knew?
I will never boil them again when I am cooking a lot.  They were DELICIOUS in there and so simple.  Toss in and cook.  No water added or anything!
We wrapped them in wax paper and tied with orange and brown gingham ribbon and jute. The chips were in their own individual bags that I had trimmed down and stamped. 
The chips and salsa rested in an old scale.

Here's an up close of the hot dogs.

And the chips.

And the salsa.

For drinks, I used mason jars and poured the drink in them before hand.  They jars were labeled and placed in ice.
The kiddos had their own pot full of juice barrels.

There was even a spot for the dirty jars.

The cupcakes were a fall mixture.  I just loved the ones with the curled chocolate on them.
Looks fancy huh?  Thanks Walmart!  (smile)

Have I mentioned before that I am addicted to Pinterest?
Yes...some of these ideas were my own, but without that site, where would we be?  LOL!

I just adored this idea when I found it.  

I mixed up a fall snack mix and put it in waffle cones.  
They fit perfectly in to this old coke crate and fit in perfect with the decor.

Since it was a hoedown party, we had to have cowboy hats.
I strung these up near the "prize area."  

They were near the table that held the hobo goodie bags and the burlap candy sacks for the pinata.

When friends started arriving, Darbee got so excited. 
They quickly found a spot to "catch up."

And then she handed out hats...

I love this one.  I asked them to stand together and they lined themselves up by size all by themselves.  It was so cute!

Darbee's friend Cooper came a little late but with a story.  His mom explained to me why they were late as Cooper handed my baby these....

Her first real flowers. 
Awww....Yes, they had to stop by the store and purchase Roses for Darbee.  
Cooper is the sweetest child and he and Darbee have had this "bond" since they were in daycare together.  He says they will one day get married. (smile)

It is precious.  They are precious.  
Who knows.  Young love?  Maybe.  

We were ready to get started and eat.
My little one said the blessing.  

It melted my heart.
She sang out "Thank you Father."

The cupcakes came next.  
Darbee Rae picked out her special one and we all sang to her.

They enjoyed the sweets and the precious child conversations.

Then it was game time.

I made this "pumpkin" dart game.
Each balloon was filled with a prize.
When the balloons were busted, they got to keep their prize.

It was a big hit!

Then the pinata.  
Darbee wanted a pinata so bad.  I was a little leary and didn't know how it would go over, but boy was I wrong!  They loved it!

I didn't bother blind folding them since they were small, but with the swinging pinata, they had a time hitting it!
It was so funny to watch.

Luckily, Zack was there and could hit it a little harder.  
He was the one who gave it the "final blow" and dumped the candy.

They crowded around like crazy kids and quickly filled their bags.

They filled them as full as they could!

and even enjoyed some right away!

Last, was present time.  What Darbee had been waiting on.
The presents were in the wagon.  Did I tell you this was my wagon as a child?
Yup...still looks pretty good huh?

Darbee had a great helper to help open presents too!

It took all of them for one package!
It was tough!

She was very happy and surprised!

And she got some precious gifts...

My living room looks like Christmas.
We have had a fun two days playing and playing.  

I was totally wiped out afterward.  
Was it worth it?  

It was so much fun.  
I can't wait till next year!

Until next time........


  1. Oh what a wonderful party!! Looks like she had a great time and is well loved. How sweet. I love all of the decorations and food. So neat. Thanks for sharing the inspiration. Great ideas for a harvest party as well. Blessings~Sara

  2. Holly, You really out did yourself with the party. I loved the cupcakes and salsa and the orange and black chips.
    I LOVED seeing the little boy hand her roses, too cute.
    I can see she had a BEAUTIFUL & AWESOME Birthday party.

    Fall Blessings,

  3. Holly, this blog is so sweet! I love reading your blogs. Darbee's birthday party was a huge success! We had a great time and thanks again for the invitation! Love you guys so much!

  4. So happy for you all! love seeing the kiddos, they are all so precious!

  5. Wow, what a fun party! So many great ideas you put to use. Love that totally cute turkey dress. :D

  6. Happy birthday to Darbe Rae. What a fun party...wish i could have had one of those cupcakes. You did an awesome job mom...Janice

  7. Looks like a wonderful party. Lots of fun! Brings back memories, of when my boys were little and the parties we had. Hang on to these memories, they sure grow up fast. Have a wonderful week!

  8. What an awesome party Darbee had..! You did an outstanding job with all the theme and decorations...and the roses, precious! thanks for sharing Darbee's happy 5th birthday! Hugs...

  9. Happy Birthday to Darbee Rae!! Looks like she had a great party...with lots of memories made.

  10. Thank you for sharing! I loved all of it! Such sweet special memories.
    Be blessed,