October 24, 2012

Playing Catch Up.....

Good evening dear friends.  Wow...it has been a while since we've visited.  I guess life just happens sometimes.  We have been so busy lately with birthdays, school and t-ball.  Whew!  It's so fun though.
I have a lot to catch you up on, but I won't do it all tonight.  That would be a never ending post.  Ha!  I will start with today first because it was so cute.
This week in Darbee's class, the letter of the week is "G." They do things during the week that are associated with that letter.  Today was a special day.  It was grown up day.  They had to dress like grown ups. This was so fun for Darbee.  She was thrilled to look all "growny."
What do you think?  Doesn't she look like a little lady?  (SMILE)

They were also going on a field trip to a local restaurant (The Redneck Gourmet).  
They had reservations.  It was precious.

Parent's were welcome to attend, so of course I was thrilled to go.
She asked me to come and walk with them, so I did.  I was just as excited as she was.
The restaurant they were going to is only a few blocks up from their school.
They were excited to walk up the sidewalks together like "grown ups."
They had talked about crossing the street and they had to look for the right sign on the crossing lights.

Look at them.  So cute!  

They each had their own dollar. 

This is Darbee Rae and Matthew.  Matthew is her new "boyfriend" she says.  
He brought her a bouquet of fresh flowers to school on her birthday! (smile)
He is the cutest little thing.  He had on his dad's tie. 

They had to place their own orders.

and pay with their own money.

They waited patiently in line to fix their drinks.

Then, they chose and fixed their own drinks.

They had discussed how to behave in a restaurant and table manners.
They had to sit down, place their napkins in their laps and use their manners.

They were then served their own orders of french fries. 

There were three pre-k classes there.  
They all sang the blessing in unison.
It was precious!

It was then their job to clean their place and throw away all their trash.

They walked back to school.

Ms. Shanna, her teacher, invited the parents to stay and watch their day.  I was so excited.
I along with two other parents stayed the rest of the day.  It was so neat to observe their class.  It is amazing what they do.
Darbee's job this week is sight word helper.  
Here she is leading her class in the sight words.  

I am so happy with the choice we made to put her here at this school.
She loves it and we do too!

I will update you on the past weekend happenings soon.  
I hope all of you are doing well!

Until next time....


  1. My Darbee Rae was a girlie girl today. Just by
    the look on her face, I can tell she felt really good about herself and the way she was dressed. Oh my ,,, my baby is growing up too fast. Where has the last 5 years gone?? I am glad you made the choice for her to go to pre k there too. Glad you had a fun day with her,,, another memory for you both.

  2. What great memories were made today!!
    Darbee looks so cute all dressed up in her grown up clothes. :)

  3. I was going to comment on how cute the little guy with the tie down to his knees was!!! Sounds like a wonderful day for both of you! Katie

  4. WHat a cutie patootie.
    So precious.


  5. She did look like a little grown up. I bet she had no trouble with the "grown up" manners. Thanks for sharing

  6. What a cute group of grown ups! I love all of the activities they got to do!
    Be blessed,

  7. What a grown up little adventure they had! Have a great weekend. Janice