August 29, 2012

She's Ready

I woke up a very excited little girl this morning. Today was "meet the teacher" day at her school.  I have to admit I was a little excited too.  The minute she got up, she wanted to go.  It was so hard to make her wait till time to go.  She got Cuddles all ready although she had to stay in the car.  This is "big girl" school now and there will be no nap time so Cuddles knows she must stay home with mommy. (SMILE)
Here she is on the way out the door.  

When we got to her classroom, her teacher had a few toys out to play with and a coloring sheet at each child's seat.  
She waited until everyone was there to do a small presentation about the class.  The kids worked on their coloring sheet while she "talked." 

Darbee Rae was so happy to be in her seat and do her work.
There was a pencil box fully stocked with markers, crayons, pencils and scissors waiting for her at her seat.
They were able to hang their papers on the wall before they left.  

It sounds like the neatest class!  I just loved her teacher.  
We left there with a lot of information!

Darbee wanted to stay!  That made my heart happy.  Hope that attitude continues.
We had to go buy her "supplies" when we left.  
There wasn't much as the school supplies most everything.

She had to have a folder and an index card box for her sight words. 

I personalized them for her this afternoon. :)
Love how they turned out.

As I posted in my last post about loving Pinterest, I turned to that to find a 
cute back to school gift for her to take in to her teachers on the first day.
I loved this idea.

We took a trip to Bath and Body Works and bought each one a lotion.
I found these cute little polka dot tags at Target.
I stamped their initials on one side....

And wrote "Hope you have a "smooth" year" on the other side.
Love how they turned out and Darbee is excited to take them in to her new teachers on Monday.

She had her first "homework" assignment to bring home.
It was an All About Me poster.  
She was so excited to have homework and was eager to get it done.
She worked hard on coloring it all afternoon.

I love her look of concentration.  So focused....

Working hard....

I love how she clipped her little markers on her shirt.
How funny...


She loves to color and does sooo good!

Almost done!

It turned out so cute. 
When we fill in the blanks, I'll be sure and post a picture.

She is counting down the days until Tuesday.
I am excited for her....
My little girl is growing up....

Until next time....

August 28, 2012


I didn't realize it had been so long since I had posted!  Wow...when you're busy time flies.  
I thought I would pop in and update you all on what we've been up to!

Let me tell you...I'm a little scared.  I think I have ruined my child at the age of 4 1/2.  (SMILE)
She is a HUGE fan of Pinterest.  She loves to take my iPad and look on Pinterest.  

It got this photo of her the other day in the car...
She will tell me "Awww..Mommy look at this."  
She is constantly telling me when we were out shopping, "I saw this thing on Pinterest....."  
It's so cute.

Well...the other day, yes I was looking on Pinterest and found the cutest idea.
You can find the pattern here.

Just so happened that Darbee Rae was standing right next to me when I pinned it and had a fit!
She wanted them for her babies.

We headed to Hobby Lobby the next day for her to pick out some felt.
She was so excited.
They were super simple to cut out and were ready to sew.
I chose to sew my velcro in so it would hold up.
I got up way before Darbee Rae the next morning and got busy.  When she got up and came in the living room, she was sooo excited they were done!

She got right to work.
All of her babies and stuffed animals had to have a new diaper!

They fit perfectly!  I love how they turned out!

This project was truly a success and I have one happy little girl.

It's consignment sale season again.  How fun.  I absolutely love going to consignment sales.  I find some of the cutest outfits for Darbee Rae.  

She is my little shopper too.  She has her own little Thirty One consignment sale shopping bag that is all her own.  She is the cutest thing.  The one we went to this past weekend had horse rides for kids.  
Now keep in mind this is my child who is absolutely horrified at the sight of the smallest bug.  
What did she do?

Yup...jumped right up on that horse and off she rode. 
She loved it.  

That's about it...we've been pretty busy. 

I signed Darbee up to play T-ball yesterday!  She is so happy to get to play.
She has a brand new glove and is so excited about getting a uniform.

The rest of the week will continue that pattern.  Tomorrow, we meet Darbee Rae's new teacher!   She is so excited!

I hope all of you are having a good week.
Until next time...

August 21, 2012

It's becoming real

This came in the mail today...'s becoming real.  
My baby really is starting school.

Do you think she is excited?

Oh yes.  
She was thrilled and wanted to go today!  

I hope the excitement continues.  

So...what did we do? 

We got busy and crafty and made this back to school wreath for our front door.

I love how it turned out.

So yes, our household is very excited...yes, even me.  I am happy for my sweet girl.

Until next time.....

August 18, 2012

Date with Daddy

Good evening friends.  It's a tad bit cooler here this evening and kind of dreary.  More rain is expected tonight and tomorrow.  Just hope it stays a little cooler.   I am so ready for the cool fall days.

Today was a special day for Darbee Rae.  She and her daddy had a "date."  A small town near us has an annual tractor pull.  Darbee and hubby went last year but it was so hot, they didn't get to stay very long.  She was so excited when he mentioned that it was this weekend.  She was thrilled to go with him again this year.

I knew last year, just the two of them went but I thought I would tag along this year.  I thought it sounded pretty neat!  Little did I know, my little priss had other plans.  When I mentioned going with them last night, she quickly informed me that they would see me when they got home.  I would be okay.  It was going to be "a John Deere Daddy Darbee day."  Guess she put me in my place huh?  {SMILE}  

So..I knew they needed their time alone and I planned on enjoying mine.  What did I do?  I headed to several nearby consignment sales!  Yahoo!  I thoroughly enjoyed my morning.  I shopped and shopped for who else but my girl.  I found some awesome bargains and some precious outfits.  I just love those sales.  Such great savings.  

On the way home, I stopped by Hobby Lobby and searched for a pattern for pants.  I want to make some boutique pants for Darbee.  It can't be that hard can it?  Surely not....I am going to try my hand at it!

A dear friend that I used to teach with called and invited me to lunch with another teacher friend.  I was happy to go!  We had a great lunch and a good time catching up.  

I was greeted with a smiling little girl when I got home.  She had so many stories to tell about their day.  

I have to say a special thanks to hubby for taking the camera along and documenting their day!  He's a keeper.

She was so excited about her new John Deere shirt.  She was ready to go!

They are so funny together.  
They have the best time.

Of course, my little photographer had her camera close by! :)

She brought home a cool sand art too!

It was a great day for everyone.
I hope you all had a great day too!

Until next time.

August 15, 2012


Good evening dear friends.  I can almost feel it...can you?  Yes...there is just a tad bit of fall in the air.  The morning are cool and the evenings are not near as muggy. I am ready.  

I finished these cute little pumpkins up yesterday and love how they turned out.  

Of course, I had a wonderful little helper.
She enjoyed "giving them a hair cut."  {Smile}

Yes...she is gonna be just like "us" is what Nana and I hope.  She already loves crafts and has her own craft bag like me.  It makes my heart smile.  

Now...guess you're wondering what the title means huh?  
Jackpot...that's what I hit today.

Now don't think I am now rich...NO...far from that, but I am happy.
You see, my uncle is a carpenter.  He often gets jobs to come in and "clean out" houses and remodel them.  
He was telling us about the house he was working on.  I knew I wanted to go see it. 
I had no idea what was in store...but boy am I glad I went.  
I got a phone call this morning from my aunt saying "let's go."  You've never seen a girl get ready so fast....Ha!

Here's what I saw when I walked up to the garage.  
Looks like a bunch of junk huh?  Nah....there are a lot of treasures hiding under that "junk."

Here's another view. 
I had free run of this garage.  
Oh yes...this girl had a lot of fun rambling thru this "junk."  
See that old white cabinet that is falling apart in the back?  Yes..we want it.  Waiting to see if it is going to be sold or not.

What did I find?  
Oh boy...what did I find.....

Here's a stash piled in the back of my car.
I was one happy girl let me tell ya...

See the wooden crate?  Yup..will be using that for Darbee's country hoedown birthday.
See the old viewmaster?  It has a TON of old slides with it.  It still works.

Absolutely adore this Christmas paper doll book.
It isn't missing a piece!

Look at all of these bowls and old wooden boxes.  See the box
full of old keys....

Wow....Love them...The box is an old cigar box.  
It still has the old postage stamps on top.

Love the view master.  Can't wait to look at all of the reels with it.

An old money bag, an old whisk many neat gadgets.

When I saw this little notebook, I had to have it...
My Papa dipped this kind of snuff.  It has a date written inside.  1946.  

Here's the top of the old cigar box. 
And some of the old keys...

So many neat treasures.  

Wanna know the best part????

I GOT ALL OF THIS FOR $10.00!!!!!!!

Yes...I think I hit the jackpot don't you?
I was one happy girl.

That's not it..
I left a table FULL of stuff waiting to see if it was going to be sold.  
I can't wait to see what else we get. 

I'll keep ya posted!  

I hope all of you have had a good day and done something that made you smile!

Until next time....

August 14, 2012

A sad night in our home...'s kind of a sad night here at our home. 
Three years ago at our county fair, I had a very happy little girl.
It's not the best pic. of hubby, but it shows how proud my little girl
was of her new fish.  We won it for her at the fair.  She was thrilled.

I remember the night just like it was yesterday.  Darbee was only 1 year old (about to turn 2) and I was so happy to take her to the fair.  When we got home with it, she sat for the longest time and just watched it swim.  

I didn't expect it to live a week.  Those fish usually don't.  BUT...that little fish lived nearly THREE years!  
Sadly, tonight he died.

Darbee Rae was a little sad.  She immediately asked how we could win another one.
Luckily, the fair will be here in about a month.  If she can't wait till then, we have promised a trip to PetsMart for another one.  

The next year after that, we won another one and it is still alive however, I don't think it is going to make it.  It looks like it will be gone by morning.  Not sure what happened to them.  Oh well.

She has gone back to her room and talked to the other one. (SMILE) 
Maybe it will make it...

Just another life lesson for her....
Until next time....

August 08, 2012

Getting Ready.....

Getting ready for back to school requires so much preparation.  Especially when you've never been to school before!  :)  
You all have met Cuddles before.  You know Cuddles is a very special friend to Darbee Rae.  She went to daycare every day with Darbee last year.  

This year will be a little different.  There will not be a nap time at Darbee's new school this year, so Cuddles will stay home with mommy.  We have already discussed this and Darbee Rae and Cuddles both know she will be fine. (smile)
However, Cuddles must get ready for back to school too.  After all, I am sure she will get to see the school when she accompanies Darbee to her class for show and tell.  She must have a new school outfit.  

We got a rewards certificate in mail last week and so we planned a special outing to Build A Bear to get Cuddles ready. 
There were so many outfits to choose from!

Of course, she had to have a backpack too!

She chose the perfect outfit and dressed her in the store.

She was one happy little girl!

Cuddles looks so cute and is ready for school!

Darbee Rae is ready too.  I got a call from her new teacher last week.  She was calling to introduce herself and to inform us of the open house date.  We are looking forward to it!

Hope all of you have had a great day.
We spent the day at home today.  Done some changing around and redecorating.  Will share pictures soon.

Until next time.....