July 08, 2014

Fresh from the garden

Good afternoon! Wow, it has been a while since we've visited. There hasn't been anything new going on around here. Nothing too exciting.

We have been staying busy with play dates and outings with Nana. 

 We haven't had too much interest in our house just yet. Supposed to have a showing this week. I am such an impatient person and want something to happen NOW. I know when the time is right it will, but I do not like waiting. 
A little known fact about me is I do NOT have a green thumb. I pretty much kill any plant that I am near. My daddy however can grow anything. He has even taken dead plants that I have killed and nursed them back to life. 
I get excited every year when he starts planting his garden. I cannot wait because he is always so sweet to share his crops. 
Sunday after church, Darbee went home with Nana and Papa. Hubby and I rode around looking at houses. When we ended up at Nana's house it was supper time. Guess what Papa offered us for supper? A fresh ripe tomato sandwich. Oh my. This was one happy girl. 

It was so delicious. Wasn't he so sweet to share one of his first tomatoes with us? Well, that's not all he shared. I also went home with this

A HUGE basket full of fresh green beans! I remember as a kid, I would get so excited when he would bring these in. I would get to get my own bowl and Mama would let me have some beans of my own to snap. I thought I was a hot shot. Darbee Rae is just like me. She couldn't wait to start snapping and begged me to start even though it was after 11'o clock when we got home. 
We snapped them last night and she was a big helper. She did a great job!  
Today, we spent the day at Nana's and she showed me how to prepare them for the freezer. Good eating for the winter! 

I ended up with 8 quarts! 
Do you garden? What is your favorite that you grow? I am thankful my daddy enjoys it and am thankful for all that he shares. 

Until next time....