May 27, 2013

A Time to Remember

Good evening friends.  I hope all of you have had a wonderful holiday weekend and a happy Memorial day.  I sure have.  It has been nice.  Hubby had to work all weekend but thankfully, he had today off.  Yesterday, we grilled out with his brother and family.  We swam in their pool and enjoyed a fun afternoon.
Today we spent the morning at home and headed over to Nana and Papa's to cookout with them.  Maudie, Leonard and Justin came over too.  We enjoyed just being together.

There was yummy food too.

And fun outside.

But..even with all of the fun times, cookouts and family time I have to stop and say thank you to all the soldiers who have given their lives to allow us these freedoms.  
It takes a special person to be willing to go and fight and give their lives for millions of people they have never met and for that I am forever thankful.

May 23, 2013

Getting summer started

Good morning friends.  I am up way to early for me for summer vacation.  I am taking my aunt, "Kakee" to the eye doctor in a neighboring town this morning and must rise early to get ready. (Yawn)
I am not too much of an early riser in the summer time.  I like to stay up late and sleep in.  So does Darbee Rae.  She has always been a night owl.  She's just like her mama. :)
This was her first week of summer break and we have enjoyed it.  We have done much of nothing.
We have had no major plans all week.  Darbee has enjoyed her "not care and do nothing days" as she has called them.  She has been able to stay in play clothes or dress up clothes all day and hasn't had to take a nap.  That's a good day for her.  (SMILE)  Oh the simple joys. 
The weather has made it feel like summer as well.  It has been rather hot and a bit humid.  She has been waiting for the o.k. to bring out the sprinkler or just be allowed to play in the hose.  She has been asking since March. 
That day finally came this week.  Oh did she have fun.

She can't stand to get water in her eyes. 
She thought quick and had a solution...
I told her she looked like a bug. (SMILE)

She had such a great time although by the time the sun went down, her teeth were chattering.
We are looking forward to much more water time this summer.  
We are planning a few adventures but overall it will be a quiet summer until our Disney trip.
We will spend time at the library participating in their summer reading program and maybe visit the art studio.  We will enjoy playdates with friends at the park and of course shopping trips to town.

What do you have planned?
Are you going on a vacation or staying home?
I would love to hear your plans!

Have a great day.
Until next time...

May 21, 2013

My Little Graduate

Good afternoon. 
It is a bright warm sunny day however, as I type I can't help but think of those in the storm affected areas that are so heartbroken today.  I thought nothing of waking up this morning and seeing my smiling girl's face.  It quickly hit me that some mama's and daddy's would give anything to be able to say good morning to their child again.  I thought nothing of heading to the bathroom to wash my face and then thought some families don't even have a home left.  My heart is heavy as I think about the victims of this terrible storm and ask you to join me in prayer for these families.

On a brighter note, I have a little graduate in the house.  She finally graduated from pre-k and is officially a kindergartner!  She is so excited and although it is only the 2nd day of summer break, she already misses school.  We have some fun activities planned for the summer to keep us busy.

Let's recap graduation.

Let me warn you, this is going to be a VERY heavy picture post.

Here is Darbee Rae in her cap and gown.  I thought these turned out so cute!
I already have this framed and displayed in the living room.  
I am so proud of her.

The day before the last day of school, we took in the teacher gifts.
I loved how these turned out.  It was a large zebra cooler bag with a beach towel, a pair of flip flops, a insulated cup and a box of candy all stuffed in a large tub.
They were so cute. They loved them.

On graduation day, I wanted to make everything so special.
I snuck outside the night before and decorated her car window with graduation window clings.
She was so excited to get in the car and find it.  

Graduation was so sweet.  Papa took time off from work to come.  Hubby took time off work to come.  Nana and Kakee came too.  Darbee was so excited.  If it had been left up to her, she would have had the whole community.   Ha!  She wanted everyone to see her. (SMILE)

Ms. Barbara, the director welcomed everyone before the graduates marched in.

Darbee was first in line.  She led the class in and up on the stage.
I think she was a little nervous.

I love her serious face.  She kept this face just about the entire program. 
It was so funny.  She told me afterward she was trying not to smile.  Why?  Who knows...

Ms. Shanna read a story that went from the beginning of the school year until the end and paused for them to sing a song that related to that time.  It was really neat.

They began with the pledge and a prayer. 

Then the songs...

Each song had motions or a dance.

They had practiced and practiced.  They never missed a beat.  
You could tell they had all worked really hard to learn it all.

For the final song, they used their guitars that we had to decorate.
They were all so cute.

After the songs, they got their diplomas from Ms. Shanna and Ms. Amanda, her teachers.
Darbee really loved these two.  They were super good teachers and for them I am thankful.
They set her on a good path for the beginning of her education.

Then it was picture time.
Here is her little class.

Then they had to be silly.  I love this one.
Can't you just tell how much fun Ms. Shanna is from her crazy face?  (She is the one
in the zebra jacket.)

Oh yea...there is always something fun and crazy going on in their room.

After the ceremony was over, there was more pictures. 
I love this one my mama caught of Shanna helping Darbee get her hat back on for a quick picture.

Nana gave Darbee flowers and I took her the stuffed animal holding a sucker.

This is Darbee and her friend, Matthew.

This is Darbee and Mia.

And one more with Ms. Shanna.

We had to get a few pics. with the family too.

Papa needs to smile huh?  Haha

Me and my girl.
I love this kid.

Kakee and Darbee Rae

My little family.

We went out to lunch where she was made to feel extra special too.
She chose Red Robin.
I had her a graduation button for her to wear.  
They noticed her button and brought her a huge ice cream sundae and sang "happy graduation" to her.
It was so cute and made her so happy.

When we got home finally, I had a few decorations for her.
This banner was across our front porch and she got to break through it.

There was a decoration on the door...

I had the inside decorated as well..

We finished out the week with a fun graduation party. 
Our friends came out to help us celebrate.

It was at the park where there was a sprinkler, so that was a lot of fun.

We have had such a good time.
I can't believe how fast my baby is growing up.  

Thanks for following along.

Until next time...