July 22, 2015

Come for a visit

Good evening! It has sure been a hot few days here in the south! I am so ready for fall. I walked into Hobby Lobby just the other day and my heart skipped a beat when I spotted pumpkins and even Christmas trees. I am so ready! 
When we first listed our house to sell, we did a major clean out of a lot of stuff. Most of it went to the playhouse because we really didn't plan on it taking 59853136years to sell our house. LOL.  Not really but it feels like it. Darbee missed a lot of play time in there. A few weeks ago, we decided to have a huge yardsale. I made it a goal to clean out the playhouse completely so she could play again. What a job in the heat. Can you tell I do not like summer? I am a cold weather girl for sure! I was so proud to get it done and so was Darbee. Although it has been too hot to play out there much, it is ready and waiting for cooler weather. 
Darbee wanted you to come for a visit and see the new touches. Papa was fortunate to get some very pretty carpet squares from his work. He came one evening and laid carpet in the whole playhouse upstairs and down.

He had a little helper right by his side until she got hot. Hehe. She takes after me I guess.

 What a good Papa.

Come on in .......

Here is the view as you walk in the front door. I just love the carpet. Darbee is excited she can now play without shoes!

 If you look to your right, you see the "kitchen" and desk area. She loves playing store and restaurant in here. I bet one day Papa will find a way for her to have running water....what ya think?

Here is a close up of the kitchen.

And a close up of the desk.

To the left of the door is the bookshelves and dress up clothes.

Upstairs is a cozy carpeted reading area and millions of stuffed animals.

I just love this playhouse. What a fun area for her. Thank you Papa!

We hope you enjoyed your visit and will come play soon!
Until next time......

July 08, 2015

Thank you Lord....

Before I write anything else, I first have a huge praise report. In my last post I was asking you to help me pray for Darbee's tummy and that this diagnosis and the medication would be the answer. She took the strong antibiotics and thankfully had NO side effects!  After nearly 7 years of hurting, I am so very happy to report that my girl has been pain free for over a week! Near the end of her medication, she could already tell a difference. She has also been able to return to her normal diet and is eating pretty much anything she wants. She has had gluten, dairy and things with eggs in them with no problems whatsoever. I give the credit to Jesus for healing my girl. Thank you Lord for giving this doctor the knowledge to think to test for this bacteria and knowing what to do. Thank you for praying for her too. 
You know, she went to VBS a few weeks ago and they made prayer pads. She brought hers home and put it beside her bed. She was so excited.

That night, she got really quiet and I couldn't find her. When I finally found her, this is what she was doing. 

I just stood at her door and soaked up the moment. Oh how I hope and pray that this girls always has a desire for Jesus in her life. So this prayer pad started something. She and I now pray together at this prayer pad or mine (she made me one too) every night. We pray out loud together. We talk about our prayer requests and I pray first and then she prays. I can't tell you what this time together means to me. It has done my heart so good and oh how I love talking about Jesus with her. 

I have prayed and prayed so hard with her for healing of her tummy. For her not to hurt. She has heard my prayers and knows I wanted her to feel good more than anything. Jesus hard those prayers and has helped my girl feel better and I will be forever grateful. Now every night during our prayer time, I thank him for what he has done. 

We were riding in the car a few days ago and she told me she felt like a brand new person. She said she had had days before when she felt better but she had never felt like this. This makes my heart so happy. 

Until next time....