May 31, 2014

It's happening.....we're going for it...

Good morning friends.  Has your summer vacation started yet?  We have been out of school now for a couple of weeks and we are loving it.

We have stayed busy already with lots of play dates and have enjoyed spending days with Nana.  We have a lot of fun library activities and play dates scheduled and hope to work in a quick road trip too.  

Sitting outside watching Darbee run and play gives hubby and I a little bit of time to chat with each other.  These long summer evenings give us time to talk about the past and plan for the future in our conversations.  We have always wanted to take a risk and put our house up for sale and move.  BUT neither of us ever really gave the other one the go ahead and totally agreed on it.  We were scared.  

We have never done anything like that. That's a big step!  Where would we go?  Would we be able to find a place we both loved?  So many questions.  We usually just talked about it and dismissed the thought with "One day we will." 

 Lately, the conversation has come up more and more.  Finally, the other day something told me we should do it.  While we were talking, I said, "Let's do it."  "Let's go for it." 

So guess what?

We are going for it.  We are putting our trust in God that he will take care of it all.  If we are meant to move, it will sell and we will rejoice and be so happy.  We are already looking at homes and have found quite a few we like.  House hunting is so fun!  Nana and I have had fun riding around scoping out places already.  I can't wait to start going inside some of them. 

We will see what the future holds.  I am so excited.  

Wish us luck and I will keep you posted!

Until next time...

May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

Good morning everyone.  Happy Memorial Day!

I know many are enjoying cookouts, swimming and get together's today.  But let's not forget those men and women who willingly give their lives for us to be able to have those freedoms.  I am so thankful.

I did a post a year or so back about my Papa who was a WWII veteran.  I found no other post fitting today than to share that one again with you.  He was such a special man. Oh how I wish I could talk to him again.  I will one day and I can't wait.

Here is the post.
You can see it here.

I hope all of you have a great holiday.

Until next time....

May 17, 2014

Summer Plans

Good morning friends.  It is quite chilly here!  Darbee's class had their end of the year party yesterday.  It was supposed to be a pool party but the temps were in the 40's yesterday morning!  Yikes.  They would have frozen.  They changed it to a playground party.  It was cool and she had to wear a sweater but they had tons of fun! we are officially done.  Darbee is done with school and so am I.  We are ready to enjoy our summer.  So what are our plans?  Nothing much really.

I am looking forward to sleeping late and snuggling with Miss Darbee Rae.

I am looking forward to no schedules and trying out lots of Pinterest activities.

I am looking forward to lunch dates with Darbee and Nana.

I am looking forward to crafting with Darbee and teaching her how to use my embroidery machine.  She is so curious and wants to help and make something.  She is well on her way to learning hot to operate it! (smile)

I am looking forward to learning more about my machine and trying lots of new designs.

I am looking forward to visits to the art studio.  Especially on days when I don't want all of the art supplies pulled out at home.  They have a really cool craft buffet. 

I am looking forward to spending some evening picnics by the lake.

I am looking forward to campfires and roasted marshmallows in our front yard.

I am looking forward to laying a quilt in the front yard and looking at the stars.
A new app called Star Chart is really neat and shows you what stars and 
constellations you are looking at.

I am looking forward to playdates.

I am looking forward to hopefully taking a road trip.

I am looking forward to getting ready for our new school adventure!

I am looking forward to summer...

What are your summer plans?
Are you going on a fun trip?

Until next time....

May 15, 2014

Kindergarten Graduate

Yikes!  The A to Z challenge is over and I have neglected my blog!  We have been very busy with the end of school. I have a ton of pictures to share and will do that soon.  

Today was a very special day that I can't believe how fast it came.  I cannot believe my little girl graduated from kindergarten today!  It was such a sweet program.  She had a gang of folks there to watch her and all of them love her so much.  They were all so adorable.

Please forgive me for the large amount of pictures.  This is a post I want to have the pictures added for my blog book.  

She made a to-do list last night for her graduation day.  This made me smile.

At least she wanted to remember to say thanks for her presents but I love how it was important to remember to post something on Instagram about her graduation.  Haha. 

We started out the morning with the van window decorated!  

She was so excited for a fun day.

She almost ran on stage.  I think she was eager to get started!  :)

They all were precious when the program started off with their morning prayer.  This is such sweet innocent kids so eager to learn.  

Their songs were adorable. 
This was during "This Little Light of Mine."

Near the end, they presented the diplomas.

Darbee with Ms. Becky and Ms. Susan.

My happy graduate.

It was time for lots of pictures afterward.

We were so thankful Nana was doing great and able to be there.  Papa was able to get off work for a little bit and come too!

Stacy was able to get off for a bit as well and be there!  :)

Maudie and Leonard were so sweet to come and help celebrate.

I can't tell you how much I love this kid.  I am so proud of her.

Jane and Beverly came too!

Darbee had a whole gang there to celebrate with her today. 
She is such a blessed little girl!

She wanted pictures with her teachers too.
Ms. Lisa is her music teacher.  We both adore her.

Ms. Maribel is her Spanish teacher. 

This is Ms. Susan, her kindergarten teacher.  She was a great teacher and I am so glad Darbee had the chance to be in her class.  She will not be teaching there next year. :(

Then it was picture time with her sweet friends.  They are all such sweet little girls.
Darbee, Ava and Claire

Kember and Darbee

Darbee and Ivy

Darbee and Ava

Darbee and Francesca Mei

This was waiting on a cute table for the parents.  It was an adorable memory book illustrated by the kids, a cd full of pictures from the year and a t-shirt with all of their pictures on it.  I love it all.

She also got her last report card with all S's!  Way to go!

We left the school and all went out to eat to continue our celebration.
She had a ton of presents!  

Darbee and Kathy

I think Nana was a little excited about Darbee graduating don't ya think?  Hehe..

We enjoyed a yummy Great American Cookie cake.

What a fun day.
I am so blessed.