February 13, 2014

Snow and Ice....Now Go Away!

Good afternoon friends.  I am so happy to be able to post.  We did receive a good bit of ice yesterday and some snow on top of that last night. It was really pretty on the trees but a bit scary when I heard limbs popping and falling.  We lost power several times but thankfully, not for longer than 2 hours at a time.  There are still people in our county that have been without power for more than 24 hours.  

I had to share a few pictures with you of the ice.

Hubby had to work most of the day.  Darbee and I hung out at home and cleaned house.  After those chores were done, we had a few fun activities.  We made Kool-aid paint.  It's super easy and smells yummy!  She enjoyed painting with that for a bit.

Our power went off for a few minutes in the evening and hubby got called back in to work. He took Darbee and I over to Kathy's. We got there and her power went out.  Ugh!  
We hung out there until he got off and then came home.  Thankfully, we had power.  He got called back in yet again and ended up being gone all night.  We lost power again for nearly 2 hours but it is back on this morning.  The sun is shining and it is all melting fast.  Kathy still doesn't have power so they are here hanging out with us for a while.  Darbee was so excited when she woke up to find them here.  All we need now is Nana and we could really party!

I have a few last minute Valentine things to pick up in town if we are having school tomorrow.  No word on that yet.  

I am hoping school is cancelled.  Haha.  I am so ready for it to be gone for a while.  We are out on winter break next week and are headed out of town! Yippee!  

Hope all of you that are getting more snow stay safe and warm.

Until next time...

February 12, 2014

Daddy Daughter Date Night

Good morning!  It's cold here and a bit icy.  We are under an ice storm warning and expecting 1/4 to 1/2 inches of ice and up to 3 inches of snow!  We are in a bit of a lull right now with nothing but they are saying there is lots more to come.  We already lost power this morning but thankfully it wasn't for long.  The crews were out quickly and fixed it.  Just hope we don't lose it for long. 

This past Saturday night, our local Chick-fil-A held a daddy daughter date night.  You had to make reservations and they went quick!  Luckily, I got a spot for hubby and Darbee Rae.  She couldn't wait! 

She had big plans to get all fancied up.  She had a new dress that she kept hidden from her daddy.  She didn't want him to see it until date night.  She requested her hair to be done in curls. We bought new pantyhose and had her high heels ready. She couldn't wait to get dressed.

I will let the pictures tell the story.

They had the best time.
She came home with a decorated picture frame, a picture of the two of them from a photo booth, a carnation and more.  I am so glad our Chick-fil-A takes time to do things like this.
So thankful for the fun memories they made.

I hope all of you have a good day and stay warm!

Until next time...

February 11, 2014


Good morning!  I can't believe it.  Snow twice in a year?  That's the forecast!
Only this time, we are expecting an ice storm.  

They are saying we could see any where from .25 to near a 1/2 inch of ice and near 1 inch of snow!  Yikes!  
You all know what happened last time we had snow however, I feel like they are better prepared for it this time.  I am cooking up a few things to have done in case we loose power.  Sure don't want that to happen but want to be prepared.  

We have school today but probably not tomorrow or Thursday the way it is looking.  

Stay warm and safe!

Until next time!

February 02, 2014

What is going on?

Good evening everyone! 
I am not sure what is wrong with mother nature.  I think she is a little confused.  I think the snow we had here in the south last week threw her for a loop.  She doesn't know what to do now.

Today,  it was like a spring day! After a great service at church and lunch with Mama and Daddy, we headed home.  Darbee Rae couldn't wait to get outside and play. She even asked if she could put on shorts and a tank top.  No...not that warm yet, but certainly comfortable in short sleeves and pants.  It made it up to over 70 degrees today!  Wow.  I think I read somewhere where we broke a record.  

She and hubby stayed outside all afternoon.  I stayed in and screwed up everything I touched.  I wanted to play on my embroidery machine.  Everything I tried, I messed up. Do you ever have on of those days?  
Just look at this shirt.

See what I mean?  It was terrible.  I started out by forgetting to trim the material before the satin stitch around it.  Then I pressed start on her initials and realized I hadn't rotated them.  Oops.  What a mess.

I finally quit and ventured outside to check on Darbee Rae.
She was having a blast with her chalk.

It was really a nice afternoon to be outside. 

It's not gonna last long though...

The clouds are rolling in and the rain is on its way.
It's supposed to be a really rainy week.

I took this picture tonight in the car.  
Look at the temperature. 
Can you believe it?
I can't.

I hope all of you have had a great weekend and are ready to begin a new week.

Until next time...

February 01, 2014


Good evening everyone. 
We are finally warming up here and the snow has quickly disappeared.  The roads are fine and we have ventured out of the house again.  Life is getting back to normal.
I really enjoyed the snow and our unexpected break from school. 

I have seen several posts about a word of the year.  I enjoyed reading these and the reasons why one would choose the word they did.  I started thinking about a word for me.  My word of the year.  Wow.  SO many to choose from. So many words have a deep meaning to me.  Hmmm....One came to my mind pretty quick. I have pondered for several weeks now.  Here it is...the beginning of February and I think I have chosen a word.  

Are you ready? 

The dictionary meaning of this word says 

  • v.verb
    1. To accept as true or real.
      Do you believe the news stories?
    2. To credit with veracity.
      I believe you.
    3. To expect or suppose; think.
      I believe they will arrive shortly.
    4. To have firm faith, especially religious faith.
    5. To have faith, confidence, or trust.
      I believe in your ability to solve the problem.
    6. To have confidence in the truth or value of something.
      We believe in free speech.
    7. To have an opinion; think.
      They have already left, I believe.

I am going to believe in what my Father says and trust those words.

I am going to believe I can do those things that I don't think I can.

I am going to believe that I can be really strong and keep going when I feel like falling.

I am going to believe in fun. In laughter. In life.

I am going to believe in others even when I don't think there is any good in them. 
I will look for it.

I am going to believe in my dreams.

I am going to believe in myself.

What are you going to believe in this year?
Have you chose a word of the year?  I would love to hear what you chose!

Until next time...