September 30, 2013

Pumpkin Picking

Good evening friends.  Thanks for stopping by!

We had a great fall weekend here in Georgia.  It was in the 70's which is a treat for us this time of year.  It has been so nice.  
We took advantage of the perfect weather and went over to Alabama to find the perfect pumpkin.  There is a neat little pumpkin patch in Lafayette that we have visited for the last few years.  They have a lot for Darbee to do and a huge pumpkin patch where you actually go out into the field and choose your pumpkin.  
Darbee enjoys the inflatables and the train ride too. 

She rode the train two times.   

And played a long time on the inflatables.  The slide was her favorite.

After playing, we hopped on the hayride that took us over to the pumpkin patch.
There is a lot of places for taking pictures and that is what we did first.

We even had to be silly and make a funny face. Smile.

They have everything decorated so pretty.  I love it.
Sure puts everyone in the fall mood!

The petting zoo is a lot of fun.
We started with the donkey.
Have you ever heard of the story about the stripe down the donkeys back?
One of the workers told us about it last year.
If you look closely a donkey like this one, there is a black line that goes across his back at the top of his neck.  There is also a black line that runs down his back.  These two lines meet to form a cross.
Isn't that neat?  He explained to Darbee how this would be a donkey like the one Mary rode on. What a neat story.

The horses were Darbee's favorite this year.
She enjoyed petting them and wasn't too scared! 

We also got to see the bunnies.  I can't believe Darbee held one.  
She sure was brave!

Here, Darbee is shucking corn the "old fashioned way."  
She learned about the process of making flour and cornmeal from these corn kernels.
They had a mill that was ran by a tractor that was grinding the corn.  It was really neat.

Then it was pumpkin time.
We headed out into the fields to find the perfect one.
These were gigantic!

We knew we could never tote one of these, so we headed into the larger field to find one that wasn't so big.
Look at all of these pumpkins we had to choose from.  

I think Darbee picked up half of them to see if they were "the one." LOL.

Some were a little too big....

Some were a little too heavy!.....

And some were just plain big....

So we kept walking and kept trying....

And trying....

And trying.....

Until we FINALLY found the perfect ones.

We loaded up on the hayride back to the house and enjoyed the ride back.
There was a scavenger hunt for Darbee to do on the way back.
She found all of the items.  Yay!

Our last adventure at the patch was mining for gems.
This was new this year and a lot of fun.
Darbee came away with a bag full of small gems!

We enjoyed a nice snack before we left and one more picture.

We had a fantastic time!

Today, miss Darbee was home with me with the croup.  :(  We caught it in time before it turned into anything else.  She went to the doctor today and got medicine so she should be back to herself in no time.  I hate it when my baby doesn't feel good.  She should be able to go back to school tomorrow though.  Enjoyed my day with her anyway. :)

I hope all of you are enjoying your fall weather! 
Until next time.....

September 26, 2013

A few fall touches

Good morning! It's cool and cloudy here this morning.  The rainy drizzle has gone and we are looking for the sun to peek through. A perfect morning although I have to admit I have enjoyed the rain the past two days.  Made for cozy weather.

I have done a bit of fall decorating here at home.  I still have a few things to finish, but for the most part it is done.  I thought I would share a few pictures with you today.

We will start in the kitchen.  Believe it or not, it is only 10:15 a.m. here and I just took supper out of the oven!  I am on it today.  Hehe...So if you would like to sample it, help yourself to some ravioli casserole.  It sure smells yummy!

On the stove is my crow pie.  I got this at a local craft fair last year.
I have a noodle board for my stove but it fit my old huge stove.  Now that we have a new normal size one, my handy man (daddy) has got to cut it down for me. smile.

A large metal cabinet has this little display on top.  So cozy. 

On the counter is a little shelf I found at the salvation army.  It was a great find.  I didn't have to do a thing to it!  
You can't tell in the picture, but the light bulb is a jack-o-lantern face.  

Let's head into the dining room.  There is a bit more to see in there.
My fall tree sits on my hoosier cabinet.  This little tree stays up year round and is decorated for each season/holiday.

I just love this old chippy cabinet.  It came for my great grandmother's house.
I often wonder about it's past.  What did it once hold?  
Right now, it holds my dishes and some of my mason jar collection. 

The table is set and ready to serve guests.
I made all of the pumpkins on the plates this year.  I love how they turned out.
I found this old banana box out back and filled it with burlap and pumpkin and fixins.  

Here's a better look at the box.

If you walk into the living room, it is decorated too.  
Mr. Scarecrow sits on my mantle along with two more of my pumpkins.  

Above the couch is a large mirror. 

I love this little collection.

Mr. Jack is one of my favorite decorations.
He sits in my wall shelf purchased from The Speckled Hen in Clinton, TN.

In the middle of my coffee table is a large wooden box my daddy made.  I love it.
I filled it with burlap and small pumpkins.

I hope you have enjoyed my fall decor.
I will take you on a tour of the playhouse all decorated soon.  

Until next time...

September 23, 2013

Fall fair fun

Don't you just love this time of year?  Fall is my favorite time of year.  I love the transition of the seasons.  I love the cool crisp nights and mornings.  I love the smells of the season too.  Everything about it. Pumpkin patches, falling leaves, apple cider, cool breezes, hayrides...need I say more?  (smile)

I have done some decorating that I will share with you soon.  Still have a little tweaking to do. We even decorated the playhouse too!  I will share that soon too.  

Another fun thing I like about fall is when the fair comes to town. We always enjoy going and watching Darbee ride the rides and play games.  We also enjoy the exhibit barn and petting zoo.  This year, we encouraged Darbee to enter some items in the fair.  She was very excited and eager to participate.  She entered five items and I entered one of my primitive pumpkins. We couldn't wait for the fair to start and go see if we won any ribbons.  

We went opening night.  There were a lot of entries this year! Darbee was in the pre-k-2nd grade category. Her face lit up when we saw her exhibits. 

Her "D" canvas won a blue ribbon! 

She also entered a heart basket that won a participation ribbon....

and a rubber band bracelet that won a green participation ribbon.

She entered her Zentangle that she created in art class several weeks ago.  
Guess what?
Another blue ribbon!

And last....she entered her pottery bowl that she created in the first art class.
You know what?
Another blue ribbon!!!

I was so proud for her and she was very excited!  

I got a participation ribbon on my pumpkin. :)

We will work this year on some more entries for next year.  What fun!

After seeing our exhibits, we walked around the midway and she rode some rides.
We ran into my uncle and his family and Darbee enjoyed riding with Jenny.

Such a fun time...

Until next time....

September 15, 2013

Where are the primitives?

Good afternoon!  There has been a hint of fall in our weather this weekend and it has been sooo nice!  The temps have been in the lower 80's!  I am so ready for those cool evenings and crisp mornings.  So ready for falling leaves!  

Last weekend was the huge Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain Park.  That's only about an hour away from us so we decided to head up there and make a day of it.  
I was excited to go and hoping to find some neat things.  Boy was I greatly disappointed.  This is a HUGE show that brings in thousands of folks.  But guess what?  There was not ONE primitive booth there.  Nothing that even resembled prims.  I come out with one tiny purchase of some little balls of clay called happy seeds and a frown on my face.   I will share them in another post.  That is it.  

We had decided to make a day of it at the park.  That was a lot more fun.  There is so much to do there.  We decided to take a ride up the mountain.  Darbee was so excited.  We brought Zack along too and he was a little scared.  Hehe...we made him go anyway.  

Darbee got on the car and was so excited to go up so high.

Zac was not as excited. Hehe..

We were up so high and passed another car.

We got an up close view of the carving on the way up.
That's amazing how someone could do that.

We made it to the top in just under 2 minutes!

Darbee was ready to explore.  She thought it was so cool that we were actually on top of a mountain.
We had a snack in the cafe and headed outside to explore the mountain.

It proved to not be as easy as it looked!  Some areas were pretty steep!

Darbee wasn't scared though. She walked all the way down to the fence and looked out!  

There were some beautiful views of Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

Once we were back down, we claimed our spot on the lawn for the laser show.
Somebody was a little tired don't you think? Smile

We rested for a bit and then walked through the village.
There was a neat little stream beside a restaurant where kids were playing.
Darbee loved this area.
The water was COLD and provided a nice spot to cool off.

After a short time, we headed back to our quilt and got ready for the laser show.  
It was packed!!!  

It was a neat show and a fun day despite the fact that I found nothing primitive.
We had a fun day overall.

This past week was a busy one.
We are still enjoying the homeschool art class.  It is a lot of fun! I am so glad we signed up.

Darbee is liking school o.k.  I even worked there as a sub three days last week!  Woohoo!

We went to our first high school football game of the season Friday night. We love going to these on Friday nights and cheering on our Cougars.
Darbee was thrilled.  She absolutely loves going.

She was all decked out in her football clothes and had her pom poms ready to cheer!  
To make it even better, we won!  

I hope all of you have had a good weekend. 

Until next time!