June 16, 2014

New goodies

Good afternoon! 
I love getting new things....don't we all? But I especially love getting new things for my home. And you know what makes that even better? When it is handmade. And...to top that off, handmade by my daddy. 

We have a Five Below store here that opened a few months ago. Have you heard of that store or do you have one in your area? Everything in the store is $5 or less.  Darbee LOVES going in there and I do too sometimes. I saw in a recent store flyer where they were getting in 1 gallon glass drink dispensers. I couldn't believe they were only going to be $5. We went soon after they went on sale and I bought one. I tried it out to make sure it didn't leak and it worked perfectly.  Yesterday, I found a picture of one on a wooden stand. Oh how I loved it. I sent the picture to mama and told her to tell Daddy to make us one. He is so good. On HIS day yesterday, he made us both one just like the picture. I couldn't believe it. I got mine this morning completely done. Painted and all. 

I LOVE it. I can't wait to mix up some summer punch and serve it in it. I think i should have some friends over to enjoy it with us don't you? 

I also have had a new quilt for my bed for quite some time. I have waited to put it on the bed until summer since it wasn't as thick as our comforter. I decided to put it on just the other day and I LOVE it.

 I found the quilt and the shams on sale at Lid'l Dolly's in Pigeon Forge, TN. We love going there. In fact, we were just talking about sneaking in a girls trip up there today. We should do it don't you think? Hehe. 

I love adding special touches to our home. I hope I can add special touches to a new one soon. We are looking and still hoping to sell ours soon.....if it is meant to be. 

I hope you all have had a good day!  Thanks for stopping by. 

Until next time.....

June 08, 2014

Fun Day at Zoo Atlanta

Good morning!  

It's been a great weekend so far.  Yesterday, Hubby's company had their company picnic at Zoo Atlanta.  How fun!  We were so excited to go.  Darbee Rae hasn't been since she was in a stroller.  She was excited to get to walk all the way through this time!

We got there really early hoping to get through before it got so hot.  It was still terribly hot but we were done before the hottest part of the afternoon.  It was a great family day and lots of fun.

Such a fun day!

June 04, 2014

It's Done! Here it is.....

Here is our official listing!

I am so impressed with how the pictures turned out.  This has been a fun adventure so far.  We have already had one showing! We are keeping our fingers crossed.  

Have a great day!

June 03, 2014

So far...

Good afternoon!  It's yucky hot here today. Very humid.  We are expecting afternoon storms that hopefully will cool us off a little bit.

Darbee and I are enjoying our summer so far.  We have been on several playdates and Darbee has gone to camp.  We are staying busy!

Our first playdate was with Kember from her class this year.  They had fun at the art studio.

We have also had several play dates with Katherine who was also in Darbee's class this year and will be attending the same school as Darbee next year.  We have enjoyed getting to know them and look forward to much more fun this summer!

We have visited our local library and signed up for their summer reading program.

That is always fun and they always have really cool programs and shows during the summer.

Darbee is big enough now to have her very own library card so she checks out her own books. 
So grown up.

Cheer camp was last week.  This is something Darbee looks forward to each year.  This was her third year attending and it was so much fun as always.
This year, she had Ava from school in her group.  She was excited to get to see her every day.

There were so many little girls!  The camp goes from pre-k up to 8th grade.  This was the largest group ever!
They put on a show for the parents on the last day of camp that was too cute!
We have signed Darbee up for cheerleading with our rec department too.  She will cheer for a flag football team.  She is so excited.  That doesn't start till July though.

We have spent some time at home but not much. LOL
We had a picnic one evening and had lots of friends and family join us at the lake.

That was so much fun!

Darbee has enjoyed cooling off in her pool

And I have enjoyed snuggling and sleeping late.

I can't wait to see what the rest of the summer holds!  
You know from the last post that we listed our house.  We have been doing a little bit of house hunting too.
That is so fun!

We haven't found "the one" yet but know that we will when the time is right.  

I hope you are having a good summer so far!

Until next time...