May 27, 2013

A Time to Remember

Good evening friends.  I hope all of you have had a wonderful holiday weekend and a happy Memorial day.  I sure have.  It has been nice.  Hubby had to work all weekend but thankfully, he had today off.  Yesterday, we grilled out with his brother and family.  We swam in their pool and enjoyed a fun afternoon.
Today we spent the morning at home and headed over to Nana and Papa's to cookout with them.  Maudie, Leonard and Justin came over too.  We enjoyed just being together.

There was yummy food too.

And fun outside.

But..even with all of the fun times, cookouts and family time I have to stop and say thank you to all the soldiers who have given their lives to allow us these freedoms.  
It takes a special person to be willing to go and fight and give their lives for millions of people they have never met and for that I am forever thankful.


  1. Oh it sounds like you had wonderful weather for the weekend. We had very chilly the low 50's and rain. Still had a cookout at my mom and dad's on Sunday and poor dad was grilling with a jacket on! Good food though and better company.
    Great to remember all who gave some and gave all for us!
    Be blessed,

  2. Sounds like a great holiday for you all, blessings on your week!

  3. Enjoyed everyone being here yesterday. Thought of your PawPaw all day on this special day. Could still hear his voice talking to you about being in the war. Love you and looking forward to another great time this weekend.

  4. Amen Holly to those who have served so we could enjoy. Back in the day my gramma H called Memorial Day Decoration Day and we would put flowers and flags on family graves before celebrating with a family bbq. Glad you had a great weekend! Janice

  5. I bet Darbee had a gay ol' time with the other kids. It's so wonderful to spend time with your
    loved ones.