May 18, 2013

Mother's Day and a Glamorous Party...

Hello friends.  It's a dreary dark day here in GA.  There was storms overnight and more expected tonight.  Guess it's typical spring time weather huh?
I'm a little late posting about my mother's day but I have been so busy this past week.  Mother's Day kicked off a super busy week for me.  
We celebrated at home before church with Darbee and hubby giving me gifts.  Darbee always gets so excited when she gets to give me something.  I got a new Vera Bradley hipster bag.  Will be perfect for our Disney trip!  I love it.  

Darbee was also surprised!
Since she is such a good "mommy" to her babies and stuffed animals, they decided to surprise her with a mother's day gift. It was so cute.  I have to give hubby credit for this one.  It was his idea.  I loved it.

She was so surprised.  She got a little necklace, a pack of bracelets and a light up ball.
You will hardly ever see her without a baby or a stuffed animal.  She loves all of them. 
In fact, a new "so real baby doll" is on her Christmas list already.  It really has a heartbeat and breathes. dolls have come a long way since I was a kid.  

We went to church and enjoyed time with Nana afterward.

I love this woman.  We are best friends, shopping buddies, listening ears, advice givers, and so much more.  

This little girl is my world.  
She makes me smile everyday. 

AFter spending time with family, we had a party to attend.  Darbee Rae was invited to a little girl in her class' party.  Her name is Mia.  She and Darbee are best buddies.  It was a fabulous party!
IT was at a kids haircut salon here in town.  They had the cutest room set up in the back for parties.  The girls were able to dress up, have their make-up and hair done, have their toes and fingers painted and make lip gloss.  They also put on a fashion show.  It was fabulous.
Here are a few pictures.
The dress closet.
The girls each got to choose a dress.  

Darbee chose a frilly pink one.

Her friend Alycee chose the same one.

After choosing the perfect dress, it was time for the hair and makeup.

Just look at this hair.
It was beautiful.

And the makeup....

Then it was time for nails....

The girls were so cute.

It was then time to make lip gloss.

Look at this fancy girl!  Woohoo!

Darbee and Mia.

It was such a fun day.  

The rest of the week included Darbee's graduation, her class party, her last day of school and her graduation party.  It was so busy!  I will post more soon.

I hope all of you are having a great weekend!

Until next time....

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