May 23, 2013

Getting summer started

Good morning friends.  I am up way to early for me for summer vacation.  I am taking my aunt, "Kakee" to the eye doctor in a neighboring town this morning and must rise early to get ready. (Yawn)
I am not too much of an early riser in the summer time.  I like to stay up late and sleep in.  So does Darbee Rae.  She has always been a night owl.  She's just like her mama. :)
This was her first week of summer break and we have enjoyed it.  We have done much of nothing.
We have had no major plans all week.  Darbee has enjoyed her "not care and do nothing days" as she has called them.  She has been able to stay in play clothes or dress up clothes all day and hasn't had to take a nap.  That's a good day for her.  (SMILE)  Oh the simple joys. 
The weather has made it feel like summer as well.  It has been rather hot and a bit humid.  She has been waiting for the o.k. to bring out the sprinkler or just be allowed to play in the hose.  She has been asking since March. 
That day finally came this week.  Oh did she have fun.

She can't stand to get water in her eyes. 
She thought quick and had a solution...
I told her she looked like a bug. (SMILE)

She had such a great time although by the time the sun went down, her teeth were chattering.
We are looking forward to much more water time this summer.  
We are planning a few adventures but overall it will be a quiet summer until our Disney trip.
We will spend time at the library participating in their summer reading program and maybe visit the art studio.  We will enjoy playdates with friends at the park and of course shopping trips to town.

What do you have planned?
Are you going on a vacation or staying home?
I would love to hear your plans!

Have a great day.
Until next time...


  1. Awww... summer! Today is the last day of school for Megan. I think I might be more excited then she is. :) I am ready for a little less structure.

    We are heading the Cincinnati for a quick vacation in July. A trip to the Creation Museum and the aquarium. Can't wait!

    Enjoy sleeping in!

  2. "Baby's" first day of summer break today. The older one's still have 2 weeks left. It was so nice only having to get two ready this morning:) I know I will be in p.j.'s until lunch just hanging out and playing. I am her best friend:) It's
    too cold to break out the swim suits still. We are going to have a quiet summer too, they are the best. I must get the garden tilled and started though. Sounds like you two are going to have a lot of realxing to do. What fun. I love the goggles. They are soooo cute. -Steph-

  3. What fun always going on at your house.
    No plans our funds will be used to fence the pasture and other projects.
    Woolie hugs

  4. Thanks for the laugh.
    So much fun for kids!

  5. How much fun in the sprinkler! Enjoy the days. I have a few trips planned, not as many as last year, but

  6. Looks like she had a lot of fun with the sprinklers. Our pool is open here, so we will be taking Declan for the first time, very soon. It will be a summer of firsts for him and I'm excited. I have a summer bucket list, you should check it out. Maybe Darbee Rae will like some of the ideas there. 😊

  7. Holly,
    What a wonderful start to your summer. We still have two more weeks of school down here. I'm with Darbee Rae - I can't stand water in my eyes - looks like she found a great solution.