May 06, 2013

Almost Over

Good evening. I think I need to gather friends and start building an ark!  I can't believe how much rain we have had this past weekend. The sun came out Sunday afternoon and I thought we were good.  BUT...more rain last night and it is pouring again. It has also been cool!  It never got out of the 50's today!  My oh my!  I am ready to see the sun!

I can hardly believe my baby has only 9 days of school left!  This year has been wonderful and I can't believe she is almost a kindergartner!

Friday after I picked her up from school, I surprised her with a playdate to Bayleigh's.  It is bad when a mommy is just as excited as the kid about a playdate?  Hehe.  I was excited to have some girl time with Bayleigh's mom, Stephanie and catch up.  They are also planning a Disney trip is just a few weeks so we have had fun planning together and sharing ideas.  
We had a great time and can't wait to get together again!

Darbee also came home with a school project on Friday.  For her graduation, they are using guitars as props for a song.  They cam home with white guitars made from foam board.  Their project was to decorate any way they liked.  Oh boy.  A project like that makes me wonder what did I ever do without the internet?  I quickly set out on a search for decorated paper guitars.  Surprisingly, there wasn't a lot.  I did find one that was really cute.   We headed out in the rain to Michael's and Hobby Lobby for the supplies.  Darbee was so excited to help.  She picked out the stickers and letters and paint.  
She helped me paint.

And then helped me deocrate.
I love how it turned out. 

I can't wait till her graduation to see her use it!  Trust me, I have heard the songs 1000 times but I know they will be so cute! 

Since it was raining, we didn't get to go to the Cotton Pickin Fair.  We usually go every year but it was just raining too hard.  After church on Sunday while the sun was peeking thru, we decided to give it a try.  Oh boy.  I knew it had rained the day before but I never thought about MUD!  We slipped, sunk and skidded in mud. 
This picture doesn't do it justice.  
It was terrible.  I felt so bad for the vendors. 

I enjoyed walking around but there was NO primitive booths.  There was one booth that had a few prim wood items, but that was it.  I found this cute Uncle Sam to hang on my front door.
He is huge.  Probably close to 3 ft. tall!
I can't wait to hang him.

Darbee had fun there too.
She has always seen these water balls at different places but has never been brave enough to try it. 
She decided that since she was 5 1/2, she was big enough. (SMILE) 
She hopped right in the ball and they blew it up.

Then they pushed her right in the water.  Doesn't that look like fun?

She had a blast!  
I wish they were for adults too!  I would have love to have had a turn!  

She enjoyed an slushie with her baby too!

We had a great time and made it back to the car just in time for it to rain again.

So...the countdown continues...9 days and counting until summer break!

I hope all of you are having a great start to the week.

Until next time...


  1. Love the guitar. Ya'll did a great job. You are the «bestest»Mom. Proud of you. It rained on us all the way to Tn. Sunday too. Has been pretty here today. Miss you girls bad. Love ya'll.

  2. Cute guitar project!!!
    I have Never heard of a waterball!! What a blast!!!
    How long do they stay in it and isn't it hard to breath????
    that is really chilly weather for your area.
    Have a great week ahead.

  3. thanks for sharing her adventures!
    she's just so cute.
    love her guitar, and that ball Wow!!
    5 1/2? ? .already, time is going too quickly.
    my driveway and yard looks like that vendor show,
    we have had inches of rain lately, over 8" last week
    today over 5!
    enjoy her graduation.
    Happy Mother's Day to you!

  4. Boy those balls look seen them around here.The guitar turned out wonderful.Warm Blessings!~Amy