May 07, 2013

HE knows best...

Good afternoon friends.
We finally have been able to see the sun for a few minutes today.  The weather says it is only going to stick around for a few days though and the rain will be back this weekend.   Guess we will enjoy it while we can.

Have you ever had something in your life happen and you have no way to explain it?  You can hardly believe it yourself?  The only explanation you can say is it was God?

Listen to this story.

Hubby and I had discussed several times over the past year about selling our car or trading it in.  We haven't been too happy with it for a while. We decided several months ago we were going to trade but not until sometime next year.  That was that.  The decision was made.  

Fast forward to a few weeks after that.  Darbee and I were driving around town and I realized I was nearly out of gas.  I am not one who likes to pump gas.  I don't if I can help it.  I wait and let hubby get it for me.  But, I was literally almost out of gas and had no choice.  
If I ever do have to pump it, I usually use the debit card.  I hate having to get Darbee out and go in and pay and then end up having to go back in for the change.  
This day however, I had cash.  I had to go in.  I went in and told the guy behind the counter I wanted $30 on number 3. His reply was 2013?  I was a little confused. I gave him a crazy look and replied, "No, pump number 3."  He smiled and said, "No, your car.  Is it a 2013?"  I told him no and laughed and said I wish it was new but it was a 2008.  He immediately looked out there again and said, "No way.  It looks brand new.  I like it.  Will you sell it?  I want to buy it today?"  I was so blown away, I didn't know what to say.  I was also a little nervous.  I didn't know where this was going.  I quickly replied that I could not sell him my car right then and that he would have to talk to my husband.  He handed me a pen and a piece of paper and wanted his number.  Wow.  This guy was serious.  I wrote hubby's name and number down and he wanted to know if he could call him immediately.  I seriously didn't know what was going on and couldn't believe it really.  I started to walk away to go pump my gas and he wanted to know how many miles it had.  I had got so nervous by then I couldn't even think.  I told him I would look and let him know.  He wanted me to call hubby and see if it was ok for him to call right then.  I was ready to get out of there.  I hurried to the car and called hubby and explained what was going on.  He said to tell him he could call but didn't think much of it.  He said he wasn't expecting to hear anything from him.  
I went back in and told him how many miles and that he had the ok from hubby to go ahead and call.  I quickly got back to my car and got out of there.  I know it's sad, but crazy things were running through my mind.  I was a little scared.
Hubby called to check on us and make sure he wasn't harassing me or anything.  
Not too long after that, hubby called me again and said the man had called him and he was coming out to look at the car later that afternoon.  Oh my.  Really?  
Hubby got off early to meet him here.  He showed up and went back and forth with hubby forever outside.  He didn't want to look under the hood.  He didn't want to drive it.  Nothing.  He bought it.  Right then. 
I was completely blown away.  
How?  Why?  I had no explanation except God.  He had a hand in it.  He knew I needed to stop there for gas that afternoon.  I am fully confident he saw in our future and knew we needed to get rid of the car.  There was no other explanation.  

So....we were on the hunt for a new car.  We knew when we did get something different, we wanted something with a third row seat.  We wanted the room.  We looked for nearly a week and finally brought home this.

I absolutely love it.  
I  couldn't be happier.  

I am so glad HE is in control of my life. 

Until next time....


  1. Awesome story. God has more of a hand in this life than people realize. I thank him everyday for everything. Congrats on selling your car. Your new one is veerrry pretty. Now, if only someone would come and offer to buy my house tonight:) Hee hee. -Steph-

  2. I truly belive God has a hand in some of the things that happen in my glad you stopped for gas and did not run out on the road somewhere. I also have a confession. I wait for Bob to put gas in my car too..and sometimes I am on fumes. Thank goodness we both have wonderful hubby's who take care of us. Love your new vehicle too! Janice

  3. Good for you, did you ever wonder if maybe this guy needed a good reliable one for a very specific reason, like transporting someone to a far away hospital or something? You may have been the blessing he needed too. Happy for you about the new one, love the style, hope Darbee enjoys her self immensely in it too! My husband mostly pumps my gas, but I do it whenever it needs it and he is not around. (Tomboy) Grin!

  4. I don't do the gas pumping'm glad it worked out as a blessing but I would have been a little nervous too.Kinda weird how it happens but God works in mysterious ways.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  5. I LOVE "real" stories like this! I don't pump gas if I don't have to either! Would we say spoiled? I would! lol Don't you love it when you see the Lord working right before your eyes?

  6. Congrats on the new car! What a great story! God is so good!

  7. I love it when God shows out like that, Holly! This gave me goose bumps. Congratulations on the van!


  8. All I can say, dear is .. Isn't God good?
    He makes life a simple thing sometimes, eh? xo

  9. Wow! What an awesome story. I'm with you, the guy behind the counter would have freaked me out and I would've had the same crazy thoughts. I agree God does work in mysterious ways. Thanks so much for sharing the testimony with us.