June 06, 2013

Back to reality

Hello friends. 
It's hard to believe it's already been nearly a week since we left for our beach trip.  We had such a good time.  I enjoyed spending time with my mama and my sweet girl.  We laughed, talked, ate junk food, stayed up way to late, shopped and were just together.  I am so thankful for these trips we get to take and for the special time we spend together.  Such fun memories we always make on each of these trips.
Here are a few photos from our trip.

Darbee couldn't wait to get to the beach.  From about an hour into our car ride, she began asking, "When am I going to see the beach?"  She wanted to dig in the sand.  She is not a big fan of the water and neither am I but she couldn't wait to get there.  

After we checked into our hotel and got settled in, we headed to the beach.  
She had fun digging and playing.  I enjoyed it too.

She dug a giant hole.  She worked so hard.

While she was playing in the sand, I enjoyed watching the seagulls fly and swoop.
I decided to try out my new zoom lens for my camera.  I love it.

The next day was our shopping day.
We headed out on a mission to find the Disney store.

Darbee has no idea but on our Disney trip, I have made her a reservation at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at the castle in Magic Kingdom to have her hair and makeup done like a princess.
This reservation is right before our reservation to dine in the castle with Cinderella and the other princesses which she also has no idea about.
So, she must have a princess costume right?  She knows I am going to let her change into her princess costume at some point but that is all she knows.  I had to tell her that much so she could try on and pick out the right outfit.
So...we headed straight to the Disney outlet store for the perfect costume for my little princess.
She had so much fun trying them on.
We did find the perfect one and also matching shoes.
She was so excited.
I won't show the one she picked. She wants it to be a surprise.
She wouldn't even show hubby when we got home!  She said she want to surprise daddy
when she comes out all dressed up at Disney.  How cute.

We shopped till we nearly dropped.
Darbee was still going strong and wanted to go back to the beach.  
She and I spent the rest of the evening at the beach in the sand.
She was one happy girl.

Many of you know I love taking pictures and that one of my dreams is to be a photographer.
I took my good camera and my lenses and off we went.
I had told Darbee I wanted to take some summer pics. of her and she didn't mind at all.
She loved it.
We changed her into her "beach dress" and headed out.  I told her to run, play and have fun and I would just snap pictures. I love how they turned out.
Here are just a few of the more than 200 I took!  

We were silly at times and got a little tickled....

and sometimes we got a little aggravated. 

But...all in all I had a blast.
I love this kid so much.

We walked out onto a boat dock and look what we found on the rocks below.

There were probably 50 little hermit crabs playing on the rocks and in the water.

Darbee had so much fun watching them.

We had such a fun trip...
Memories I will cherish forever..

I hope all of you in the path of the tropical storm are safe.

Until next time....


  1. Had a wonderful time. I am so ready to go again!!!!

  2. You got some great shots of your sweet girl!

  3. Very neat pictures! So neat that you all had that time together!
    Be blessed,

  4. Great photos!! How fun that you girls could get away together and make memories that will last forever!!

  5. So much fun for you girls.
    Treasured memories.
    What beautiful photos of your beautiful girl.
    She has her Nanas smile :)
    Woolie Blessings

  6. Having children and watching them discover the wonders of the ocean and the beach has been the funnest thing for me to do as a parent. We go every year and I still love to see them digging, and discovering. Darbee is such a lucky little girl. What a fun Disney trip. Family vacations are so important. -Steph-

  7. Such dear memories and your pics are lovely..
    One little girl is dearly loved.. xo

  8. It looks like such a fun trip!