June 22, 2013

Off the beaten path

Good evening friends!

Are you having a good weekend?

I hope each of you are.  We woke up this morning with no plans. Sometimes that is nice.  We spent the morning at home just being lazy.

After lunch, we headed to a nearby town for a small carnival benefiting Children's Miracle Network.  It was nice but oh so hot.

Darbee didn't let that hinder her fun though.  She loved it.

Home Depot had a booth where you could build something.
She built the cutest little heart basket.  
I see an evening with Papa in his workshop in the near future don't you?
That basket must be painted!

There was lots of games too!  Darbee popped balloons and picked up ducks.

That was a neat outing but one I was glad when it was over.  We were scorching!  
We did a little shopping and had a snack and we were off on another adventure.

Several weeks ago, a friend posted a picture on Facebook of the neatest walking trail.  
I immediately asked her where it was and found out it was very close to home.
We found it today and ended up finding a treasure. A place we will certainly visit many more times.

We turned off of a busy highway onto a dirt road that let way back in the woods.  That's a lot of fun sometimes huh?  Going somewhere when you really have no idea where you are going....that was us today.

At the end of the dirt road was a parking lot and an entrance to the walking trail.  Luckily, I brought along my camera.  It was a nice walking trail and we knew we were headed towards a creek.  As we neared the creek, this was what we saw.

Isn't it beautiful?

There were several families there wading and playing out in the water.  Oh how I immediately wish Darbee had worn her swim suit too.  I knew she wanted to wade out in the water so bad. 

She and I waded out a little but we had to be careful. The rocks were VERY slippery. 

After I was done wading, she played a long time.  It was so nice, we stayed quite a while.
I know you can guess what happened right? 
Sure enough...she slipped and fell right down on her bottom.  :)  She was fine but soaking wet.
So....what are we to do?  Just let her go ahead and have fun of course!
I guess we made a memory today huh?  She had a ball and thought it was so neat that she got to get wet in her clothes!
That's what summer is all about right?  Making memories and having fun.
Hehe...Love it!

We had such a fun day and can't wait to go back and head off the beaten path. 

Until next time....


  1. Such a beautiful place. Glad you all had a fun family day. Now I wonder if that fall was accidental or fake??? That's my Darbee Rae

  2. How fun to spend a lazy day just doing what you please. Darbee Rae is so lucky to have such a good Mom to take her out and spend time with her like that. What a beautiful little walk. Looks like she had more than fun. -Steph-

  3. Great photos! It looks like you had a fun weekend!

  4. I kind of love days that we have no plans! :) I love creeks though and it looks like ya'll had so much fun and made lots of memories! I'm enjoying being on Instagram with you, Holly!

    When are you going to Disney?