June 21, 2013

Sending up thanks...

You know you hear people talk about living each day as if it were your last and how your life can change in an instant. You take a second and think about those statements and quickly forget them. You go about your life and that's it. Never another thought given to that until something happens.

I am guilty of the same thing.

Today though of of those "things" happened that made me stop again and say "thank you" to The Lord for sparing me and my family yet again.

We took my MIL to the doctor in Atlanta. That alone is a risk you take getting out and driving in that traffic. Thankfully, we made it back safely.

After we dropped her off back at her house, we stopped to say hi to hubby's brother who lives in another house on the same property. We were out in the yard all standing around talking. Darbee was running around playing.
In a quick moment, we heard tires squealing and all look up. A car had turned in the road way too fast. They lost control, fish tailed and then went on two wheels. They went air borne and off of a bank. They bottomed out in the ditch losing part of their car along with all of the oil from the car. I guess the girl still had her foot on the gas because when she landed, she kept going through the yard, did a donut and finally came to a stop. We heard a lot of screaming and saw teenagers piling out of the car. They were screaming and fussing and yelling at the girl driving to get out of there. She guns the gas and takes off through another ditch. She gets in the road and stops while all of the others run after her. The rest of the oil empties in the road along with clumps of mud and dirt from the ditch. Hubby's brother immediately called 911. When they look up and see him on the phone, they start yelling to get out of there. The girl drives the car off making a horrible racket and the group of teenagers take off running too.
Obviously they were alright but that in itself was a miracle.
What made me shudder was we were less than 20 feet from where the car stopped just a few minutes before. Had they came a few feet further and hit the fence, it could have been one of us or my little girl who was running and laughing with not a care in he world. That quick,our lives could have been changed forever. In an instant. Yes, I stopped immediately and thanked the good Lord we were ok. We were safe.
The cops finally came and seemed aggravated they were called. The people whose yard they landed in and tore up seemed aggravated that the cops bothered them. (They didn't hear it)
An hour or so later, the cops stopped by and laughed it off. "It's just kids" was the deputy's reply. Some police we have huh? After hubby questioned him several times, he did say the driver was going to be ticketed but that was it. It was no big deal. NO BIG DEAL??? Had the neighbors granddaughter been out in the yard playing like I have seen so many times before, it could have been her hit. It could have been us. It could have been us.

Tonight, I will hug my hubby and Darbee a bit tighter and once again say thanks for Him watching over me and my family.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. Wow. We all need reminders like this! Everyday we wake up should be a reminder to us that we "woke up"!! Thank you for helping us remember. I thank the Lord that you all are ok.

  2. That is terrible that the police and neighbors had such a poor attitude. Glad you all are okay!