February 08, 2013

Whole lotta love day 7&8- My cousins

As many of you know, our family is small. With my grandmother, mom and myself being only children, that doesn't leave a large family! But that's okay. My dad's side is a bit larger but unfortunately other than Maudie whom my mom did a post on earlier, we are not as close and don't see each other except usually at Christmas.

You all read my mom's blog about her "sister" Kathy. Kathy has two sons, Jeremy and Tyler.
Meet Jeremy.

Jeremy is 11 months older than me. We grew up pretty much like my mom and Kathy did. We were always together. We played and played. We had our childish arguments but overall, we got along well.

Look at this picture. Can't you see the love? Ha!

I have always teased him in October when I have my birthday that we are the same age. To this day, on my birthday, I always call him first to remind him that for a month, we will be the same age. Ha!
Jeremy is a hard worker and can be so much fun to be around. He can grill the best steaks. He can make me laugh till I cry. He is married to a sweet girl and has an 11 year old son.

Then there is Tyler.

Tyler is Jeremy's brother. There is a 9 year age difference in Tyler and I but we are still close. Tyler is a miracle. He was born weighing only 1 lb. and wasn't given much hope. After many months in the hospital, he came home and is a perfectly healthy 21 year old now. He works every day and is a good boy. He is a home body and a HUGE Florida Gator Fan. He would do anything for you.

I am so glad to have these two in my life. They are my loves for day 7&8.

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  1. Great post Holly. I love these two guys with all my heart. You and Jeremy were a hand full and when together still are!! {smile} Love ya

  2. Perfect Holly! Thanks for joining in. We have a pretty small family but we make the most out of it.
    Be blessed,

  3. Nothing better than family love.
    Woolie hugs

  4. You are blessed to know your cousins. Eve if your family is small. I never knew any of my cousins on either side and I always felt I missed out on something.