February 06, 2013

Whole Lotta Love Day 6-My Dream

Good evening friends. We have all been asked the question, "if you could do one thing and be assured you would not fail, what would you do?" I have sat and pondered the answer to this question many times. I would love to own a primitive store. I guess I could sit and think of a million things. But there is one thing that I really would love to do. I have a passion for photography. It would be my dream to have my own photography business. How fun to get to know a lot of people and share in special times in their lives. I have more than 5 cameras and three video cameras. You will never catch me without a camera whether it be my cell phone or the small one I keep in my purse. I want to always be ready to capture that special thing Darbee does or a special time I want to remember. Right before Darbee was born, we invested in a nice camera and I love it. I have since purchased several different lenses for it and lots of accessories.

I take all of Darbee's pictures. We hardly ever go to a portrait studio. I am by no means a professional, but absolutely love taking pictures. You wouldn't believe the pictures I have!

So that's my love for today.

Until next time....

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  1. Trying to play catch up, and so lovin reading your whole lotta lov posts. Take care, Janice

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  3. I am convinced you should sell the cameras and invest in a good tape recorder so you can record all that is coming out of Darbee Rae's mouth. Too funny!!! Remind me to never take her to the grocery store on Senior Citizen's Day ever again. I am still laughing. Love ya

  4. I LOVE taking pictures, too! One day I hope to have a camera like that :)

  5. I am so ocd when it comes to pictures. I just about have a panica attack just thinking about having proffessional ones done. I am so happy that the kids can have them done at school now so no plannig is involved other than making sure their hair is done and they have a dress on. I wish I had all the gear to do it at home by myself. -Steph-

  6. Some day it is my wish to be able to afford a nice camera! Love the pictures you have taken!
    Be blessed,