February 02, 2013

A little late...

Good evening friends.  I hope all of you are having a happy weekend so far.  Once again the northern part of GA is enjoying snow and yet again we have NOTHING.  I need to have a talk with old man winter.  This girl wants to see some snow!
I had never visited Cindi's blog over at Cindi's Country Corner. When I saw several of you blogging buddies mention her "Whole Lotta Love" series, it sounded like fun.  February creeped up on me and I got a day behind.  So...better late than never huh?  I am joining in on the fun.  I look forward to posting  and reading all of your posts as well.
So...tonight I have to share with you two of the loves of my life.  These two people haven't been in my life forever, but I don't know what I would do without either of them.  Those two are my hubby and my daughter.
Tonight our Chick-fil-a hosted a daddy/daughter date night.  I was so excited to sign them up.  I think Darbee Rae was more excited about this than Christmas!  Ha.  She was thrilled to get all dressed up and go on a real date with her daddy.  My heart couldn't have been happier. They had 6:30 reservations.  We had to get ready. She couldn't be late for her first date.
She had to wear a fancy dress, fix her hair all pretty, put on makeup and wear her diamond jewelry.  She was a true princess.
First was the hair.  We decided to roll it with hot curlers.  Good choice.  She rocked those curls.

I love this one.  She had to see how her head looked with all of those curlers.  She had to primp in front of the mirror a while. SMILE

She couldn't wait to have curly hair.  
Just look at these curls.
It was beautiful.

The dress was a frilly red satin with a velvet sweater.  
That was next.

One day when she is dressing for prom or perhaps her wedding, I will look back at these pictures and cry.  Such precious times.

Then the shoes.  My idea was black patent leather. She had other plans.  After all, she was going to be a princess tonight and what princess complete without her sparkly shoes?

Although they were not a perfect match and this mama wanted otherwise, she went off with her prince with her sparkly shoes thinking she was beautiful.
We completed the outfit with a matching velvet hair bow, her real diamond necklace and a little eye shadow, powder and lipstick.

Here are my two loves.  

With a quick high five, they were ready to head out the door.
How special and what wonderful memories they made.

Her first love.

They had the best time.
She called me on the way home all excited.  There was a photo booth complete with a princess mask and a king's crown for them to wear.  They provided pink carnations for the daddies to give their girls. She also got a sparkly tiara and pink ice cream.  Oh yes....a special night that will not be forgotten.

So that my friends is my love for today.  Two of them.  My hubby and my daughter.

Until next time....


  1. Oh that is so so special! Kudos to Chick fil A! Darbee looked so beautiful and daddy looked so proud and mommy got all teared up! Love it! Thanks for joining in!
    Be blessed,

  2. So sweet.
    What treasured memories for Darbee .
    Love love her red shoes.
    Woolie hugs

  3. Boo hoo hoo!How sweet was this and I am so glad you caved on the shoes.She is such a joy to so many, thanks so much for sharing her with us. She was indeed a beautiful princess. Know what? This princess has a sweet heart too, thanks to her Mama and Daddy.

  4. She was so cute, and her attitude about the evening was priceless. She really felt like a princess. Stacy is such a good daddy and you a wonderful Mom to make this dream come true for MY princess. Enjoyed our "Big Girl" visit while they had gone to supper. Love all of you.

  5. This is just the sweetest thing. I got a little teary. She looked like a princess and every princess needs sparkly shoes!

  6. That is so sweet! Darbee Rae looked beautiful :)

  7. How wonderful of Chick fil A to sponsor this special night. Darbee Rae is beautiful - the sparkly shoes were perfect for the princess. Special memories to treasure.

  8. Oh my what a pretty princess!!! Girls are so much fun;). That hair is to die for. -Steph-

  9. What great memories were made that night!! Darbee sure was a pretty princess...love her curly hair!!