February 11, 2013

Whole Lotta Love Day 11

Good evening friends. It's a dreary rainy day. I am tired of the rain!
I have fallen behind on my posts. No excuse. I am not going to try and catch up, I am just going to pick back up.
Today, I am sharing my love of my blog books. Ever since I have been blogging, I have been ordering blog books. At the end of November each year, I order a blog book that includes all of my posts from the entire year. I then order another one just of Christmas. I have a growing collection.

I use a site called Blog 2 Print. I have never had any trouble ordering and have been well pleased.
Today, my newest one came. I couldn't wait to get it out of the box.

Darbee and I snuggled up together and had to look thru it. This one is 340 pages. Such special memories that Darbee will treasure one day.
That's my love. My treasured books.

I've also been busy all afternoon putting finishing touches on the Valentine's for Darbee's class. I love how they turned out.

They are small shovels with M&M's in the bag. The tag says "I dig you." Darbee Rae signed her name on the back. Thanks Pinterest.

For her teachers, she is giving them this.

I love these.

We are getting excited about our trip to the mountains later this week. I still have lots to do to get ready.

I hope all of you have had a great day!

Until next time.

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  1. Holly
    How neat you have your memorable books to look back at and share!
    I love your Valentine Day gift ideas-so sweet.

  2. I did not know you could get a book! What a great idea.
    I am sure her teachers and class will be thrilled.
    Happy Valentines!

  3. Love your blog books Holly! I'm sure Darbee will be enjoying them for years to come. My kids still love to look through their scrapbooks that I've made for them over the years.

    Adorable ideas for Valentine's Day! Yes, THANK YOU Pinterest, lol!

    Have a delightful week~

  4. Blog books!!!! What an awesome idea! I love it! Thanks for sharing. I love the little valentine's that Darbee is giving away! I bet the kids are so excited!
    Thanks for sharing
    Be blessed,

  5. HI Holly. I am going to have to talk to you more about the blog books. I have a family blog I haven't contributed for almost a year because Picasa says my account is full and won't let me post anymore pictures onto my blog unless I upgrade and pay to use thier account. I don't want to do that. If I printed my family blog, I could start over again and catch up with what I haven't done. The Valentines you are giving out are so cute!!! You are such a good mom to make homade cute ones instead the the boxed paper one's. I have three kids to make them for. That's close to 75 valentine's we will be giving out. No way I can make that many homade one's without going crazy. Now the teacher one's......that I can do. Better get started hu? Hope you enjoy your wonderful getaway in the Mnts. -Steph-

  6. Wonderful keepsakes for Darbee Rae. What a fun Valentine's treat - I'll bet Darbee if very excited to share these with her friends.

  7. I wish I had did blog books back when I blogged about Granny. I think th pics have disappeared now. Love your valentine goodies!

  8. How expensive is Blog 2 Print, Holly? I think I should do this...it would take awhile probably since it has been since 2008, because I imagine it's expensive?

    Love the the shovel valentines and the teacher's gift...both are adorable! You should share those on my Pinned it Made it Monday from yesterday! I bet other folks would love to see that idea! Darling!

    Never apologize for not blogging and enjoying life....that's the most important thing! :)


  9. What a great idea to get blog books. And what fun goodies for Valentines Day.