July 20, 2012


Is anyone else as glad as I am that it is Friday?  Whew...What a week!
This week was VBS at our church.  As I posted in an earlier post, I was teaching crafts this year.  I had done a lot of prepping and researching for fun crafts.  We had a great week.  There were lots of kids and for that we were thankful. 
Our theme this year was Amazing Wonders Aviation.  Each room was a different destination.  My room was the Great Barrier Reef.  We were under the sea.  I was happy with the way my room turned out.

Darbee was in the pre-k class.  She had a blast.  She was excited to go every night. 
Of course, she enjoyed dancing each night. :)

I peeped in her room off and on to snap a few pictures! They were making
aviation goggles.

More dancing!

Darbee loved Ms. Teresa, her teacher.

Zach went every night too!  

It was fun, but I am so glad it is over!  

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  1. Oh how I wish that I was a kid again. This looked like so much fun! Take care, Janice

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun. I remember having the crafts room st our VBS --- several times.

  3. Oh...this brought back memories of when my girls were little going to VBS and when I was a teacher decorating my room with a theme for the week.
    Looks like Darbee had a wonderful time.

  4. Your room looks great! Looks like Darbee had a good time too! I always helped with VBS, now not so much...my church had it this week also, we combined VBS this year with another church close by. Have a relaxing weekend:) Hugs..K

  5. Congratulations on finishing the week, Holly! Your room looks great and it sounds like the kids all had a lot of fun.