July 05, 2012

Fantastic Fourth

Good evening friends.   Boy am I mixed up today!  Next year, I'm putting in my order for the 4th to be on the weekend!  Ha!  Sure threw a kink in our week.  Hubby had the day off yesterday but had to be back at work this morning and has to work thru the weekend! :(  

We had a great 4th and I hope all of you did too!  We enjoyed time with family a friends who are like family and made lots of memories.
We live just down the street from where the fireworks are shot and can see them thru the trees.  As long as hubby and I have been married, it has been a tradition for everyone to gather at our home and celebrate and watch the fireworks.  It's always a good time.

I will warn you ahead of time, this post it picture heavy...yet another post that will be included in my blog book....I must have the pictures documented...(Smile)  It's amazing how fast Darbee Rae is growing up and I   know I will treasure those blog books one day as I sit and look back.

So, following along if you wish...

Darbee Rae has been ready for the holiday for weeks.  
She looks forward to having everyone here at our house.
She wanted to take the small flags outside and decorate the walkway.

I saw a good chance for a photo opportunity, 
so I followed along behind her with my camera!

I love her carefree spirit.  Not a care or worry in the world

My father-in-law built this wagon.  No pattern...nothing.
It is amazing to me.  The two smaller wheels were his as a child.  Don't you just love it?
I used it last year at Darbee's birthday party and plan to use it again this year....Can't wait to fill it with pumpkins!

Darbee loves it when he hooks it up to his mower and pulls her.  
What a treat!

I can't believe how long her hair is getting!

Her facial expressions crack me up sometimes! (SMILE)

But her smile warms my heart always....

I made her outfit!  I was so proud of myself.  I am not great with
a sewing machine, but I worked hard and loved how it turned out!

She had cute flip flops to match, but of course she chose to wear her "high heel ruby red slippers."  
Whatever makes her happy huh?  At least they matched.  :)

Aunt Maudie came and brought two bags of goodies.  It was like Christmas to Darbee Rae!

She was thrilled with the candy in her "firecracker."

We all enjoyed good food and sweets.  
Darbee Rae went for the cupcakes.

Some friends of ours drove their antique truck.  I just love it.
Of course, it was another photo opportunity!

Darbee and Nana sharing some  lovin.

Darbee was a little scared of the spraklers at first...

Hehe...she can't decide if she likes it or not!

This was the coolest thing! These little firecracker chickens whistled and then blew up
the balloon!  So cute!

We had pretty ones too!

I love this one!  Maudie brought a light up spinner too!

We had a yard full!  We are so blessed with such good friends and family.
The yards beside us and across the road were full of folks too...such a cozy feeling.

We were patiently waiting for the fireworks to start.


So pretty!

It was a great holiday.
I am blessed.

Until next time....


  1. Such a fun tradition. Will always have great memories of these times. Darbee Rae is growing up so fast. Seems like just a few months ago, I missed all the fireworks because she was so small and scared to death. I stayed inside and got some good lovin then too. Won't be long and she will want to be up at the stadium in the middle of all the excitment. Love yall

  2. Sounds like you all had a wonderful 4th of July.
    We can't see any fireworks from here...but when we lived at our old house, we could see them from our house too. We lived on the corner and everyone would bring their lawn chairs and blankets...and gather in our side yard to watch the fireworks.
    Sweet memories.

  3. Great pictures and even greater memories!

  4. Lve those pics! It felt like a Monday to me too, only I had to go to work on Thursday. Take care, Janice

  5. WOnderful photos!
    You really are great with the camera.
    And Darbee is just as cute as can be.
    I love the one with Nana/SIS! :)


  6. You can tell Darbee Rae loves the camera! Great photos, looks like you all had a wonderful time! :)