July 22, 2012

The Giant Pumpkin

Good evening everyone!  Hope all of you are doing well and have had a happy Sunday.  
It has been another hot one here in the south.  Ugh...I am sooooo ready for cooler weather. 
A friend of mine posted on Facebook the other day, "Is it wrong... that I am so ready for fall? Apple cider, pumpkin spice lattes, falling leaves, pumpkins, apple cinnamon candles, crafts for the kids, candy corn?"
Doesn't that sound great?  I too am ready.  Not only is fall one of my favorite times of the year, it comes with lots of birthday celebrations.  Each person in our family ( my mom, my dad, myself and Darbee Rae) all have birthday's in October.  Hubby is the odd ball with his being in June.  So...I al already busy planning a fun birthday celebration for my sweet girl.  It's so much fun. 

Several weeks ago, Granddaddy called Darbee Rae to come over.  He had something special he wanted to show her.  When we got there, she was very excited to see he had planted a few pumpkin seeds just for her.  He promised he would grow her a pumpkin of her very own for them to carve at Halloween.
Each time since then when we go down there, she would check on her pumpkin vines.  They grew sooo fast and soon this is what we saw when we went to "check" on them.   

Wow!  The pumpkin vines nearly took over the entire yard!  It was crazy.  There were tiny pumpkins everywhere and the "patch" was growing by the day
When we went down to check on them about two weeks ago, we were so surprised.  

The pumpkins were GIGANTIC! 

Darbee Rae had picked out her own pumpkin and it was enormous!  It was nearly as big as she was!  There was no way she could pick it up!  BUT...keep in mind this was near the end of June.  The pumpkins were ready WAY too early.  

Just last week, Granddaddy had to pick them to keep them from rotting.  :(
I have no idea how long pumpkins will keep inside.  Do you?  
I have a feeling they won't keep until October...but we can wish and hope.

Here are the three giant ones.  If you make the picture larger, you can see the name tag that Darbee Rae made for hers.  (Smile)

A perfect chair huh?  

See why I am wishing fall would hurry up?  These would make GREAT decorations at a hoedown birthday party!  

Until next time....


  1. She's just so cute, love her expressions!
    If they do begin to go bad early, plan a little party for her & some of her friends to have a pretend costume carnival. She could stil carve with her Papaw & have treats and a good time, then then real harvest in Oct.

  2. Good Morning
    I am so ready for Fall too and all the wonderful things that go with it. It is truly my fav time of year. And boy I sure love pumpkins. And to have one her granddaddy grew how special.


  3. Wow you are so lucky! I want to grow pumpkins but never do well for me. Your daughter looks adorable.
    Have fun!

  4. Wonder where you get your love of Fall from? Couldn't be your old mama huh? You know I am sooo ready. Bring on the cool days and all the orange beautiful colors. Apple cider and apple donuts from the Apple Barn don't sound bad either!!
    Love ya.

  5. Holy cow, pumpkins already? What a beautiful color. Man, I am ready for fall too. What a cute lil pumpkin of your own. -Steph-

  6. Her own personal home-grown pumpkin from her grandaddy? Awesome! I'm not sure how long they will keep... it's a wonderful reason to start decorating for fall now though! ;op

  7. Fall can't get here fast enough for me. I want this crazy hot weather to go away. I'm working on crafts for my Fall show...so that helps a little bit.

  8. I love fall too. What neat pumpkins. Can he keep them somewhere cool? If you see they aren't going to last, go ahead and carve it and have an early jack-o-lantern! Love the picture on the pumpkin. Looks like a little lady sitting there.

  9. I'm so excited for fall too! Not only is it my favorite time of year, but Declan is due September 18! I can't wait to see his precious little face!

    Those pumpkins are huge! I hope they last, but if they don't...you should definitely use them and enjoy them regardless. :)