September 02, 2014

I'm Back

Welcome!  I took a pretty long blogging break but I am happy to say I am back and ready to get on board again.

How do you like the new name and look of things?  I contemplated quitting blogging all together but knew I would regret it.  I have made so many good blogging friends and didn't want to lose that.  I love reading all of your blogs and keeping up with your lives.  

I did decide to change the name.  We have gone through a small season of change in our household and thus the new blog name.  A Joyful Journey. I will still do some prim decorating posts but I intend to post a lot about our new homeschool journey and our daily routines. 

We are on somewhat of a new journey. A journey that I am so excited and joyful about so I found the blog title to fit perfectly.  Darbee started first grade this year and is loving it.  I am too.  She is attending a private school that is a University Model School.  What makes it different?  She goes to school at the school campus two days per week and we homeschool the other three days.  I couldn't be happier.  I know there are many mixed opinions about homeschooling and I respect those but this is what we feel is right for us. 

My crazy girl had to make a silly face too. 

I have always had the hopes of being able to homeschool but never felt brave enough to jump in. Where would I start?  What curriculum would I use?  What textbooks would I need?  Will she be around other kids enough?  All of those questions kept me afraid. 

  This school allowed me to have the opportunity to do it but not 100% on my own.  She has teachers who create lesson plans for the week.  We follow those lesson plans at home for our homeschool days. We were given a textbook list and just had to order them.   It is a perfect balance.  She still has the classroom experience and is away from me two days but we are homeschooling and have that freedom three days.  I LOVE IT! 

It is a lot of work though.  She has worked so hard at home with me and I am so proud of her.

We have made learning fun by using a variety of materials and even doing our school work in dress up clothes. 

When you have to point to a shape why not point with your nose?  Haha.  
She loved it!  It makes learning fun and keeps things interesting.

Before her first classroom day at school, the back to school fairy came to visit.  
When we came home one afternoon, this bag was on our doorsteps. *wink*

The fairy brought some really neat school items.  
She was so excited!

I had a special gift for her too.
I loved this poem.  Thanks to Pinterest.

Her bookbag was packed and her teacher's gifts were done.

Her lunch was packed too with a special note inside.

We climbed into bed and read a special bedtime story that the fairy brought.

And one very excited girl drifted to sleep.

She was so excited the first morning.  She was up before me!
Here she is all ready to go.
This is the first year she has had to wear uniforms.  I love it and she does too!

Goofy girl!

I walked her in for the first day and she got busy with a puzzle.
This is one of her teachers, Mrs. Anderson.

She wasn't too nervous at all. 

Her school is set up like a little town.  Her room is the candy shop.  It is so cute!

She had a GREAT first day and has had a good few weeks so far.  We are both loving it all!

We started back our homeschool art class.  We are excited to have new projects!  We moved to a different day this year so we have all new friends too!  This is always such a fun class.

Darbee also did cheerleading.  It finished up last week and here she is with her trophy.

I am excited for you to follow along on our new journey with us.  I am excited to recreate the blog and share our days with you.  

Until next time...


  1. Well I like the look and the title. I too have thought about quitting blogging, but like you was afraid I would regret it. You are on a Joyful Journey and this is an appropriate name. Looking forward to "our" first year of school.

  2. Love your new name Holly! So glad you are continuing to blog. So many folks have stopped and I sure do miss them. WOOHOO for Darbee and good luck to yoou with homeschooling. Keep us posted. Did you find a new house yet? Janice

  3. Love the look and your new name. I wish we had the option to homeschool and still have a day or two in the classroom. That is an awesome set up! It sounds like you are going to have a fun year.

  4. Can not see the new look on my tablet,but you know how proud I am that Darbee Rae and you are off to such a positive school year. God has really blessed you and Stacy making this journey possible. Love you

  5. So glad you are back to blogging. Reading your post today has brought back a lot of memories of when my girls were little and of when I taught 3rd grade art classes.

  6. Such exciting news! Homeschooling for the first time is scary. We started our 2nd year and it's not so scary anymore! I am glad that you didn't just up and leave us in the blog world, because I would miss you too much. I have enjoyed getting to know you and Darbee through your blog. BTW love the fall theme of your blog, beautiful choice!
    ((lots of hugs)) Jessica

  7. Aw, I love reading about your adventures with Darbie Rae.
    I'm so glad you have this opportunity to both homeschool and have the help of experienced teachers. It's a perfect mix!

  8. Welcome back friend.
    Love the new look.
    And my your beautiful girl is growing.
    What a wonderful mom you are.
    Hugs to you and Family (your mama too)

  9. Loving the new blog look :0) so happy for your new journey! Glad you decided to continue blogging, I have followed you and your sweet mom for a couple of years now, and so enjoy reading your adventures! Thrilled for you with your new adventure in homeschooling! I homeschooled our two wonderful daughters for ten years. They're grown now, married, and now we have two beautiful 3y/o Grandlittles ! I wouldn't have traded those years for anything! Good luck and blessings on your new adventure! You're going to do great !! ~Nanny~