September 12, 2014

The Big Cut

Good afternoon!  I am so glad the weekend is finally here.  Are you?  Do you have any big plans?  We are going to our local high school's football game tonight and the Darbee has two birthday parties to attend tomorrow.  We will be busy.  

This has been a good school week and we have got a lot done.  We are working on common and proper nouns as well as rhyming words and sequencing in Language Arts.  We are working on greater than and less than in math and ordering and comparing numbers.  In science, we are studying the solar system.  In history, we continued our study of the middle ages with learning about the rise of Islam and learning about the journey from Mecca.  Quite interesting.  

Last weekend, hubby and some friends from work went out of town to an antique car show.  Darbee and I planned a fun girls weekend. We had an extra visitor that we were excited to entertain.
Each week, a child from Darbee's class gets to bring home Sam.  Sam is a stuffed animal that you keep over the weekend.  Sam goes on adventures with you and once the weekend is over, you complete a journal entry on your adventures.  How fun!  Darbee was so excited to bring Sam home.  

  After finishing school work on Friday, the first thing on our agenda was a little pampering.  Darbee has wanted her hair cut for quite a while.  She has had it cut before just below her shoulders but let it grow out again. This time, she wanted a short cut but I wouldn't agree to how short she wanted it. (Just below her chin)

She wanted to donate it but to do that you had to have 10 inches.  Wow.  I didn't think I could let her do it. Sam was with us to watch and their adventures began.

The lady measured 10 inches and it would be cut just at her shoulders.

I gave her the go ahead and she did it. 

She cut 10 inches.  

Darbee couldn't stop smiling and she hadn't even seen herself yet.  She was thrilled that she was going to have short hair.   I was a little nervous but after it was done, I loved it.

I had one HAPPY girl.  

Sam was smiling too.  He loved her new look. 

She looked so grown up!

We plan on donating the hair to a local organization.  
What a neat adventure she had to journal about with Sam.

My big girl is growing up.

Until next time...


  1. O Ms Darbee...I adore your new haircut its just marvelous and o so stylishand such a wonderful blessing that donation will be to someone when they need it most...and mommy I bawled like baby the first time I cut Kaylee's off so I feel your pain..Have a great week ladies...hugs

  2. Darbee's haircut is cute! Good for her to donate it! Have fun with Sam. :)

    I was soooo nervous about cutting Anabelle's hair short the first time too. (We donated the hair.) She looked SO cute though, so when she wanted to do it again earlier this summer, I was okay with it. It always grows back. This time we cut it much shorter, above her shoulders.


  3. Darbee looks so cute with new haircut!