September 13, 2014

Tiques and Treasures

Good morning!  I can surely tell there is a little tiny nip in the air and fall is on its way.  I am so ready.  I will be pulling down my fall decorations from the attic this weekend and hoping for cooler temps. I am running late.  I usually have everything done by now!  

I have a sick little one this morning.  She complained of a sore throat yesterday morning but acted fine. She got a little worse in the afternoon and then the fever and vomiting hit.  We ended up at urgent care with a diagnosis of strep throat.  Poor thing.  She is NEVER sick and when she is she always seems super sick.  Hoping once we get more antibiotics in her today she will feel much better soon.

After our girls day last Friday, we continued the fun into the evening and headed to our local high school football game.  We love going to games and cheering on our Cougars. It was the first home game and Darbee was so excited to go.

Although they lost we had a great time together.

On Saturday, an antique store in a nearby town was hosting a 'Tiques and Treasures day.  Vintage trailers from all around gathered for a show.  There were a good many booths too!
We went and really enjoyed looking at the "glampers."  What fun these folks have fixing up these vintage trailers and showing them off.

Just look at the inside of quite a few of them.

It was really neat to see the different themes each one took on. 
They were all completely different.

Darbee liked the sparkly seats inside this one.

Look at the walls of this one.  The lady that owned this one said she kept it set up in her back yard and would go out there for naps some days.  How neat!

This one had a shabby chic theme.  

The last one we looked at was set up inside like a log cabin.

It had a more primitive decor also.  I loved it.  So cozy!

We enjoyed scouring the booths and finding a few treasures also!

What a fun day! 
It made me want a trailer like those!

Until next time....


  1. I loved looking through those neat campers Holly. Hate that we were away and missed this show. Hope my baby feels much better today. I so hate it when she is sick. Love ya.

  2. Cute campers!

    You aren't the only blog that is talking about this nasty strep that is causing vomiting. I hope this isn't a sign for winter. :( Feel better Darbee!

    1. Wendi It is terrible! We never do the flu shot but I have a feeling we will be getting it this year. There is a lot of sickness going around already!

  3. What fun cute lil travel trailers! Hope Darbee Rae is feeling better. How is homeschooling going for you?Janice

    1. Thanks Janice! She is feeling much better. We couldn't be happier with our decision. Things are going great!!

  4. Love the travel trailers!! Hope Darbee feels all better now.

  5. Oh the tour of those trailers was so fun! I love them!
    I do pray that Darbee is feeling much better! Thanks for sharing.
    Be blessed,