September 30, 2013

Pumpkin Picking

Good evening friends.  Thanks for stopping by!

We had a great fall weekend here in Georgia.  It was in the 70's which is a treat for us this time of year.  It has been so nice.  
We took advantage of the perfect weather and went over to Alabama to find the perfect pumpkin.  There is a neat little pumpkin patch in Lafayette that we have visited for the last few years.  They have a lot for Darbee to do and a huge pumpkin patch where you actually go out into the field and choose your pumpkin.  
Darbee enjoys the inflatables and the train ride too. 

She rode the train two times.   

And played a long time on the inflatables.  The slide was her favorite.

After playing, we hopped on the hayride that took us over to the pumpkin patch.
There is a lot of places for taking pictures and that is what we did first.

We even had to be silly and make a funny face. Smile.

They have everything decorated so pretty.  I love it.
Sure puts everyone in the fall mood!

The petting zoo is a lot of fun.
We started with the donkey.
Have you ever heard of the story about the stripe down the donkeys back?
One of the workers told us about it last year.
If you look closely a donkey like this one, there is a black line that goes across his back at the top of his neck.  There is also a black line that runs down his back.  These two lines meet to form a cross.
Isn't that neat?  He explained to Darbee how this would be a donkey like the one Mary rode on. What a neat story.

The horses were Darbee's favorite this year.
She enjoyed petting them and wasn't too scared! 

We also got to see the bunnies.  I can't believe Darbee held one.  
She sure was brave!

Here, Darbee is shucking corn the "old fashioned way."  
She learned about the process of making flour and cornmeal from these corn kernels.
They had a mill that was ran by a tractor that was grinding the corn.  It was really neat.

Then it was pumpkin time.
We headed out into the fields to find the perfect one.
These were gigantic!

We knew we could never tote one of these, so we headed into the larger field to find one that wasn't so big.
Look at all of these pumpkins we had to choose from.  

I think Darbee picked up half of them to see if they were "the one." LOL.

Some were a little too big....

Some were a little too heavy!.....

And some were just plain big....

So we kept walking and kept trying....

And trying....

And trying.....

Until we FINALLY found the perfect ones.

We loaded up on the hayride back to the house and enjoyed the ride back.
There was a scavenger hunt for Darbee to do on the way back.
She found all of the items.  Yay!

Our last adventure at the patch was mining for gems.
This was new this year and a lot of fun.
Darbee came away with a bag full of small gems!

We enjoyed a nice snack before we left and one more picture.

We had a fantastic time!

Today, miss Darbee was home with me with the croup.  :(  We caught it in time before it turned into anything else.  She went to the doctor today and got medicine so she should be back to herself in no time.  I hate it when my baby doesn't feel good.  She should be able to go back to school tomorrow though.  Enjoyed my day with her anyway. :)

I hope all of you are enjoying your fall weather! 
Until next time.....


  1. I love going to the pumpkin patch! It always feels so cozy.

    I hope Darbee is feeling better soon!

  2. How cute is that girlie? And a very happy one, for sure..
    Love this time of yea... Makes one feel all creative, eh?

  3. Very Cute Pictures! Hugs to Darbee and you!