September 15, 2013

Where are the primitives?

Good afternoon!  There has been a hint of fall in our weather this weekend and it has been sooo nice!  The temps have been in the lower 80's!  I am so ready for those cool evenings and crisp mornings.  So ready for falling leaves!  

Last weekend was the huge Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain Park.  That's only about an hour away from us so we decided to head up there and make a day of it.  
I was excited to go and hoping to find some neat things.  Boy was I greatly disappointed.  This is a HUGE show that brings in thousands of folks.  But guess what?  There was not ONE primitive booth there.  Nothing that even resembled prims.  I come out with one tiny purchase of some little balls of clay called happy seeds and a frown on my face.   I will share them in another post.  That is it.  

We had decided to make a day of it at the park.  That was a lot more fun.  There is so much to do there.  We decided to take a ride up the mountain.  Darbee was so excited.  We brought Zack along too and he was a little scared.  Hehe...we made him go anyway.  

Darbee got on the car and was so excited to go up so high.

Zac was not as excited. Hehe..

We were up so high and passed another car.

We got an up close view of the carving on the way up.
That's amazing how someone could do that.

We made it to the top in just under 2 minutes!

Darbee was ready to explore.  She thought it was so cool that we were actually on top of a mountain.
We had a snack in the cafe and headed outside to explore the mountain.

It proved to not be as easy as it looked!  Some areas were pretty steep!

Darbee wasn't scared though. She walked all the way down to the fence and looked out!  

There were some beautiful views of Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

Once we were back down, we claimed our spot on the lawn for the laser show.
Somebody was a little tired don't you think? Smile

We rested for a bit and then walked through the village.
There was a neat little stream beside a restaurant where kids were playing.
Darbee loved this area.
The water was COLD and provided a nice spot to cool off.

After a short time, we headed back to our quilt and got ready for the laser show.  
It was packed!!!  

It was a neat show and a fun day despite the fact that I found nothing primitive.
We had a fun day overall.

This past week was a busy one.
We are still enjoying the homeschool art class.  It is a lot of fun! I am so glad we signed up.

Darbee is liking school o.k.  I even worked there as a sub three days last week!  Woohoo!

We went to our first high school football game of the season Friday night. We love going to these on Friday nights and cheering on our Cougars.
Darbee was thrilled.  She absolutely loves going.

She was all decked out in her football clothes and had her pom poms ready to cheer!  
To make it even better, we won!  

I hope all of you have had a good weekend. 

Until next time!


  1. I'm with Zack..afraid of heights. Just looking at that cable car would have stressed me out. So glad Darbee Rae enjoyed it. Come to Michigan...we have prims. Take care, Janice

  2. Wow, Darbee is one brave little girl!
    I'm glad your day ended up being a fun one.

  3. Glad you had a good day even though the show had no prims. has been 20 years since we've been to Stone Mountain Park. I remember that my 2 girls favorite thing was the laser show.

  4. I don't think I would have liked the air car up the mountain. We don't have many prims at our shows either a lot of china imports. Looks like you had fun anyway. Warm Blessings! Amy

  5. What fun! Love those Friday night football games.

  6. I didn't think her smile could get any bigger after Disney, but wow she sure was excited to get on board! So glad you all had a great time! She is very precious in these photos!