September 06, 2013

Disney Pictures ....the hotel

Good morning.  I realized this morning we had been back from our Disney trip for several weeks now and although I have developed nearly 600 pictures, I have not shared any with you.  
This trip was the best one we have taken with Darbee yet.  I cannot describe the feeling of magic, thankfulness, blessedness and love that overcame me when I watched her face.  I will never forget it.

We were there from Sunday till Friday.  We stayed inside Disney at the Art of Animation Resort in a Little Mermaid Room.  We loved the hotel, especially the pools.  
I would stay there again.

I won't bore you with lots of details.  I will let you see our trip through pictures.

This place was huge!  You could not stand in the front and see all of the buildings.  
There are themed sections.  There is a Cars area, a Lion King area and a Little Mermaid area.

Take a look at the lobby.

It was really pretty and colorful.

We were in the Little Mermaid section. The rooms were nice.  We had no complaints!

This towel mickey was waiting for us on our bed.

I loved how they had a shower curtain to close off the sink area for privacy.  Darbee loved it too.
She loved jumping out from behind the curtain.  Ha!

We loved the mickey soap and shampoo that was left for us each day!

We were in building 9.

Here is our room.

We lucked out and got a first floor room right in front of one of the pools.
Here is our view from right outside our door.
Isn't that pretty?
We never went swimming in this pool because it was a little deep for Darbee.

She liked the big pool near the lobby.  It started out at 1/2 ft. deep and only went to 4ft. 
How neat!  There was a huge 2ft deep area for Darbee to play and it was so neat!  
Just take a look at this pool.
It was amazing!  
When you go underwater, you can hear Ariel's music playing!  

We swam at night and it was so pretty!  Look at this.

The music was enough to motivate Darbee to learn to go underwater!  Yay!

Each night when we came back to the room, the "mousekeeper" had arranged Darbee's stuffed animals and done something cute.  
We were always excited to see what she had done.

This was my favorite!

They even arranged our toothpaste and soap in a cool folded towel!

We left her a tip each day on a card that I made.

Here are a few last pictures from our walk at night.

We had so much fun exploring this resort.  
It was a great place to stay and I would recommend it to anyone!


  1. so happy for you, such great memories!

  2. Sounds like great memories were made.
    I haven't been to Disney World since I was 16 years it has changed a lot since then.

  3. Looks like you had a such a fun trip! :)

    Be sure to come by my blog and link up this weekend for the fun blog hop I'm hosting. Also I have a surprise fall giveaway that you might be interested in entering. ;)

  4. What an awesome Resort! Darbee's smile on every picture is priceless! Great memories are always made at that place! Glad to see you all had a fun time. :))