October 10, 2013

Come for a visit....

Good morning everyone! Fall is definitely in the air.  These last few mornings here have been very cool and the days are nice too!  I love it.

I realized just the other day that I shared pictures of parts of the playhouse when it was finished but never actually took you out there for a grand tour.  
Since the weather is cooler, Darbee Rae has sure been enjoying spending more time out there.  I just love it.  It's such a fun space for her.  

So....come on...let's head out back and go visit her in the playhouse.

As you walk out of our back door and onto the deck, this is what you see.  This is the playhouse.
Papa added a swing on the side as a little surprise.  Darbee had no idea that was going to be added but she sure enjoys it.  

As you step up on the porch and open the door, be sure to check and see if there is any mail! smile.
I found this cute little mail box at a yard sale.  Darbee chose for it to be painted purple. 
There are numbers for her "address" 238 on the door too. 
We decorated for Halloween last week, so it is all ready for the holiday.
Come on in!
When you open the door, this is what you see.
The trunk serves as a coffee table and will also store dress up clothes. 
The bench was a yard sale find that I painted.  Perfect!

Still standing at the door and looking to your right, you will find the kitchen and desk area.  
I love this little space.  Papa built this big counter and wondered the whole time what we were going to do with it.  Hehe...It turned out really cute and functional.

Under the counter is a lot of storage space.
It houses her small table and stools that can be pulled out if she has guests to eat.
There is also a working refrigerator where she keeps juice boxes and water bottles.  Would you like one?  She would be happy to share.

Here is the desk area.
It has lots of stuff for when she plays "store" and "teacher."

We added this little picture board above her desk area and put some of her favorite pictures on there.

The other side is the kitchen.
The sink is just a stainless steel bowl that fits into a hole in the wood.
She has her own plates, cups and silverware too.  She also had to have a real dish cloth and drying towel. smile.
Papa promises soon to figure out a way to have running water.  

The back wall has a shelf that provides storage for her pot holders, aprons and chef hat.
All of the Halloween decorations were done by Darbee too.  She wanted to do it herself and decide where everything went.  She did a good job!

Along the back wall is the bench that you saw in the first pictures.

It provides big people seating.
Nana gave Darbee the little side table and Darbee painted it all by herself.

Looking to the left from the front door, is the reading area. 
This is a cozy little space to sit and relax and read books.  

Darbee likes to play school in this part.  She writes on the chalkboard and often brings out several babies to be her students.

Right behind the door is a mini coat rack.
I couldn't believe this when I found it at a yard sale.  IT was perfect!  Papa painted it black for us and we put it to good use.

The stairs lead up to the loft area.  They are decorated too!

The loft area is not totally finished yet.  We still have some decorating to do.  
We are still not quite sure what we want to do up there yet.  For now, it is a play space.

Last are the windows.
For now, they are decorated with cute black and white gingham valances.
I have been informed they will change soon. :)

I just love this little space.
I have had so much fun decorating it with Darbee.  I sure can't wait to decorate it for Christmas. 

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you enjoyed your visit.
Come back again soon!

Until next time..


  1. It is so cute.
    Darbee Rae has great taste.
    She's a blessed little girl!

  2. Darbee has one talented Papa and a mom that finds great yard sale finds! Everything is darling!

  3. She did a great job on her decorations! I love her house! So happy you all got into the making and the fixtures, and just everything! That was a wonderful family project she will enjoy for years!

  4. What an adorable playhouse!! A friend of mine had one when we were growing up. The décor in it changed over the years and we were still hanging out in it in our college years. Darbee will have many great memories of her special place in the years to come.

  5. What fun treasured memories to be made.
    Darbee is a lucky girl.
    And such family love put into that wonderful playhouse.
    Woolie Blessings

  6. Play house looks so beautiful. Darbee is very lucky...

  7. Oh. my. That is the most awesome playhouse! Ever!!!!!!! I soooo want to visit! It can really grow with her too! I would so be doing homework, reading, crafting out there until well, forever. I don't care if people would laugh at a 39 year old still playing in her dream playhouse. I wouldn't care, I tell ya! Have lots and lots of fun, Darbee Rae! Enjoy!!!!