October 28, 2013

Fun Field Trips

Hello everyone!  
I hope your week is off to a great start!  Can you believe we will turn the calenders to November this week?  Wow!  Time is flying by.

Things here are going great...just busy.

I have to share a bit of good news!  I got a job at Darbee's school!  I subbed for a few days at the beginning of school and enjoyed it.  Several weeks later, I got a call about a position opening in the 3's room.  I went and observed for several days and loved it!  I have now been there several weeks and still LOVE it.  It is wonderful.  It's only 3 hours a day 5 days/week but I am in the same building as Darbee and it has all worked out great!  I am thrilled.  I love the teacher I am working with and the students are great!  Did I mention the class only has 9 students?  Such fun.  We have a good time.  
Wanna know how I knew this job was perfect for me?  Look at this...
The minute I walked in to the room, I noticed this little pumpkin guy.

Yup....he came from my mom's booth. :)  That sealed the deal. Smile.

So...that is one thing that is keeping me busy.  
Darbee is thrilled that I am there and she gets to see me several times a day.

She is having a great year.  They have already been on several field trips and I have been able to tag along too!
The fire department was fun.  They walked from the school a few blocks to the fire station.
They got a tour of the fire station and got to get inside the truck.  How neat!

Next was the pumpkin patch.  I had already started my job but was fortunate enough to still be able to go with them. 
They walked through a vine tunnel that was really neat.

There was a hayride too!

The petting zoo was a big hit with everyone.
Darbee was a little nervous to start with but really enjoyed it too.

There was a fun nature trail.

And a picnic at the end.

We had a lot of fun! 

This is such a fun year. Looking forward to many more fun kindergarten memories.

Until next time....


  1. good for you!
    I remember the kindergarten trips,
    they were always a great time!

  2. Love the cute pumpkin head that your mom made. I used to teach 3 year olds at a preschool and I loved it. A trip to the firehouse is always fun. My son-in-law is a fireman and my grandson loves to get up in the truck when he gets to visit his daddy there sometimes.

  3. It is nice to work in the same school of our kid. Kids also will be happy. Field trips to fire house is good to kids to know about fire engines and their works. Seeings things practically makes the kids to remember things well than reading in the book.

  4. Wonderful about the job. It's nice to just get out and be around other people and 3 is such a fun age.Warm Blessings! Amy

  5. How fun and wonderful.
    And GOD gave you a little sign too.
    So close to your girl too.
    God is good.
    Woolie Blessings

  6. Congrats on the job!That's wonderful!

  7. Holly
    I love the pictures of the children having fun!
    It looks like it didn't take to long for Darbee to warm up to the little goats..
    Congrats on your new job-the hours sound perfect!