January 29, 2012

What made me happy today...

Today has been a happy day.  A major prayer of mine was answered and I have been smiling all day.  When hubby and I met nearly 10 years ago, we both attended different Baptist churches. I have been at my church for over 15 years.  He had been at his for quite a few years as well.  We have visited many churches over the last few years trying to find a new church where both of us would be happy together.  He has since left that church and has been coming to mine for quite some time.  It has been a prayer and hope of mine for a very long time that God would put it upon his heart to join and become a part of our church where I am a member.  Several weeks ago, he told me we needed to talk.  He told me he was ready to join and knew it was the right thing to do.  Today he did just that.  I couldn't have been any happier.  We are now together at a church.  We are both happy.  Thank you Lord for answering prayers.

Speaking of prayers, this warmed my heart tonight.
As we sat down for supper, Darbee Rae informed all of us not to eat yet.  She had to say the blessing.  She sings a sweet blessing song that she learned at school each time.  Luckily I had my cell phone right beside me and was able to snap a quick picture of her.  Love her sweet hands. 

What has warmed your heart today? 
I hope all of you have had a nice Sunday. 
Until next time.....


  1. Holly,
    So happy that you are both together at the same church.
    Oh how I love to hear litte ones say prayer...what a sweet picture of Darbee Rae. I used to be a preschool teacher at our church and I loved it when the wee ones said their prayers.
    My 2 year old grandson warmed my heart today when he said..."Love you maw-maw."

  2. So glad for you, as a family! She's such a sweet thing, her little hands are precious!

    Mine was hearing my boy's voice on the phone!
    Hope you have a terrific week!

  3. So happy for you and your family.

  4. So happy for both of you.
    Darbee Rae looks sooo Sweet!

  5. I am so happy for your family! Darbee Rae looks so sweet and anjelic. Hope your Sunday was wonderful.

  6. Wonderful for the both of you to be members of the same church~ Precious photo of Darbee saying the blessing~

  7. Well Holly, you know me, and you know how blessed this Mama feels to have so many family members in our congregation together. Of couse that made me beyond happy for us and for you and Stacy, but what really made me happy yesterday now, was having Darbee Rae spending the afternoon with us and watching "Annie" with her. Nothing in the world like it. Love all of you

  8. she is precious....
    reminds me of my granddaughters.
    we grandmas have it so good......

  9. What a blessing Holly, so glad for your family!

    Darbee Rae is so sweet! I just love when my little guy says the prayer. It is so innocent, so pure.

  10. Holly, how wonderful that your prayers were answered. I'm sure God has special plans for your family. Love the picture of Darbee Rae praying - she is a doll.

  11. Wonderful news. God is good!
    What a precious sunshine is your Darbee!
    Hugs to you


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  13. Beautiful answer to prayer. I have a couple of unanswered prayers. Please help me pray for them. Love that pic of Darbee!!!!

  14. Holly hope all of your prayers are answered. I love that picture of Darbee. Beautiful.