January 21, 2012

I Won't Be Snuggled In Front of a Fire today...

That's right.  I have enjoyed reading all of your posts this morning about what a cozy weekend you will spend in front of the fire with a fresh blanket of snow outside.  Well...here in Georgia, there is no fire in the fireplace and the only blankets we will need will be ones to cover our heads in the event we take cover in the hallway.  Yikes! 
That's right.  I am a bit jealous of all of you with your snowy days as we woke up to a tornado watch this morning.
A good portion of our state is under a tornado watch with heave storms expected in our area around noon. 
Ugh..not a great way to start my weekend.
Take a look at the radar!
That's enough to scare you to death! 

So...hoping nothing gets too bad here.
Will be staying in and keeping an eye on the t.v. for a while.
Enjoy your day and have a great weekend!


  1. Hi! Just blogged hopped my way here and became a follower!
    Sure hope you get thru the weekend OK!
    Have to say your little daughter is one cute girl and i love the French plait you did in her hair!
    Best wishes

  2. Holly~ We used to live in Florida (now PA) and that was the weather we got.I hated not having winter.Be Safe!~Amy

  3. keep safe~ scarey weather~
    saying prayers for everyone's safety~

  4. Yikes is right! Please be safe.
    We had 3 inches of snow last night and today it is sunny and beautiful but very cold.

  5. Maybe I am proud to be away from all those storms, but just heard they are headed our way. You keep tuned to the weather, and stay safe. Will see you soon!! Love ya,

  6. Oh Holly, I think I would rather have the snow! Tornadoes scare me...! Be safe.!

  7. Holly I hope you are safe. Loved Darbees hair. My granddaughters always loved their hair french braided. What a cute recliner! Does Darbee collect American girl dolls? I bout Mollie, the Molly one for her first birthday. Of course it is on her chest in the box. She looks at it points and says "doll. doll." We know one day she will get to it!lol

  8. Holly,
    I hope that you all stayed safe today. I'm scare of tornados...we have had some bad ones around here over the years. So Spring in Ohio makes me very nervous.

  9. Oh I know! We had it too!! We only had the severe thunderstorms though. We did stay in though and it was kind of a lazy day here. Hope yall were safe.

  10. Hope those storms stayed away from your home Holly...I am frightened when it comes to tornadoes...I would be under the covers as well. Take care, Janice