January 18, 2012

It's Fixed!

Woohoo.  Can you see me smiling thru your computer screen?  Well that's because I'm back online.  I called my cable company and it turns out, the cable connectors in the wall are all not wired for internet.  I just assumed I could plug my internet cable into any of my cable outlets.  Well...I was wrong.  The guy explained this to me over the phone so I moved the modem and it works! 
Thank you all for your sweet comments about my new furniture.  I am so excited to get things back in place and get my house straightened up.  Saying it is messy is a major understatement. Ha!

I realized last night after I posted my blog post that I didn't share with you Darbee's recliner.  Oops!  She wouldn't be very happy with me!  She is so proud of it and proud to have a big chair like mommy and daddy's.
Here is here "baby recliner" as she calls it. 
It is a perfect size for her.  It's so cute.

I also have to brag for a minute.
I did something for the first time today and I was sooo happy!

I learned how to french braid!!

Darbee got a new magazine the other night (American Girl) and inside was an article that told step by step how to do it.  Yay!  I have always wanted to learn how but it always seemed so complicated.  I am so glad I tried it.  She was so proud too.  She had to wear it to dance tonight like this.  I can remember my mom french braiding my hair when I was little.  I always loved it too.

Well ladies, that's about all for tonight.  I hope all of you have had a great day.
Until next time......


  1. Love Your chair Darbee Rae, but your hair so so pretty. Looks like it has grown inches since I saw you. Hasn't been THAT long has it? Glad you are back on line Holly. Love you both
    just me,,,,,

  2. Oh I just love her recliner and her hair. I used to french braid my girls hair when they were small. There are lot of great hairstyles on Pinterest too!

  3. Holly
    The French braid is adorable. I use to love to do my daughters hair this way.
    I bet DarbeeRae is proud of her recliner chair. She'll be sitting in comfort too.
    So glad you got your computer connections straightened out!

  4. Love DarbeeRae's new char. Too Cute!
    The french braid is wonderful. I always wanted to try that, but with 3 boy's it was out of the question, Lol!

  5. Love Darbee Rae's recliner...how fun for her.
    Great job on the french braid...brings back memories of when I used to do that to my girls hair when they were little.
    Glad to hear that you are back online.

  6. Morning Friend
    Love the new table and cozy recliners. Darbee's too. What a lucky girl. I just love french braids.You did a very good job.
    So happy you are back online again too.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Love & JOY

  7. Her hair looks so pretty! I've tried to do the girls a few times but there hair is so thin it falls out within minutes.I bet Darbee is proud of her new chair.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  8. Oh my does that little hairdo bring back memories..
    I used to put several french braids in Shonda's hair each night as a teenager so that the next day it was all crinkled.. grin.. A few years ago..
    Your wee one has gorgeous hair...
    God bless.