January 16, 2012

Internet troubles

Good evening dear friends,
Today has been a good day. Darbee Rae and I were up and about early this morning. We had a shopping trip planned to a nearby town with my aunt and cousin. There is a discount store called Rose's. I love it. I went on a search for some new things to hang on my wall and a small table to go in between our two new recliners. I came home with a new rug, a new wall clock, a picture frame and a small framed saying. After lunch, I ran in Marshalls and there it was. The perfect table. I was hoping all the way home it would fit. It did! Yahoo! I took pictures to share with all of you, but discovered my Internet wasn't working. Ugh. Will have to call the cable company tomorrow. I am posting tonight from my ipad which i am still learning how to use. I cant figure out how to scroll on blogger so i dont knoe if i will even be able to visit your blogs. So...don't think I've forgot about you because I haven't. Will let you know when I am connected again! Until next time....


  1. Uh oh! Internet troubles is not good for a blogger! Hope they have you back in action in no time.

    Sounds like you did good with your shopping. Yay for finding just the right piece! Don't you love it when that happens?!

    Have a wonderful week~

  2. Hugs to you Holly!
    Blogger is a bugger somtimes too.
    Hugs Trace

  3. Hope you get the troubles resolved. I'm thankful you found things to love for your home!

  4. Can't wait to see all your new goodies. Get that internet up and running so I can see. You know how to get to your old Mom, yep, going shopping without me. Getting back at me for my shopping trip to the Depot, Huh? Miss you girls. Hope you have a good week,, it will go by fast.

  5. Holly,
    Hope you get your internet troubles fixed soon. It is a little different looking at blogs on an iPad. I'm on mine right now and it takes bringing up 3 windows just to look at one blog. Takes longer than looking at blogs on my laptop, but at least it lets me check in on things when I'm away from the computer.

  6. Holly
    Hang in there. I'm sure it will all get fixed and you'll be back in business (blogging) again!