January 29, 2014

Wow! Don't Laugh

Good morning friends.  There is still lots of snow on the ground and we have another snow day.  
Yes, we are snuggled in and warm and cozy.  BUT...there are many near us who are not. 
I know many of you up north are used to a lot of snow and it's not a big deal.  You go on about your lives pretty normal and your children still go to school and you still go to work.
Here, we are not prepared for such.  Since seeing snow is pretty rare, our state is not nearly as prepared as one that sees it often.  

This is a picture of our Kroger grocery store in town.
This was taken the night before the snow started.  Ha!

Schools are called off here at the mere mention of snow.  That happened this time too for us.  However, forecasts had the snow staying further south and not reaching Atlanta. During the night before the storm, the forecasts changed and included the Atlanta area and areas northward.  However, those counties decided to still have school as regularly scheduled.  
When the snow started, it started sticking quick.  The schools dismissed early. The roads got icy and bad quick.  It's terrible.  There were many many buses that headed out to take children home and couldn't make it.  

Some turned around and came back to the schools. Some are still stranded on the side of the roads.
There were hundreds of children at many schools that had to spend the night. Can you imagine?  I can't.  I cannot imagine not being able to get to my child.  I cannot imagine how scared those little ones had to be either.
These pictures are all from the Atlanta Journal Newspaper.  Just look.

 The interstates became a nightmare.  Businesses shut down and traffic was at a standstill.  Guess what?  It still is.  I have heard reports from several friends whose husbands were trying to get home last night.  One said a normal 30 minute commute took over 8 hours. The reports on the news are unbelievable.  No one can get anywhere.  The cars are running out of gas. Several home depots in the Atlanta area stayed open all night as a shelter for the stranded people to stay the night. There was a Facebook group started where people were writing in offering the homes to stranded motorists near them. 

The National Guard has been called in to try and rescue people stranded and try to get some of the cars off the roads so that the DOT can bring in the salt and scraper trucks. 

There was this story on the news this morning of this good Samaritan who is walking up and down the interstate handing out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and bottled water.  Thank God for people like him.
And there are stories coming in like this one.  This dad walked six miles to get to his daughter's school so he could spend the night with her.  What love.

So..as we are planning on enjoying another fun day playing in the snow, there are many still trying to get to loved ones or just make it home.  
Would you say a little prayer for them?  Pray for their safety and pray for their families as many have been up all night worrying.  

Say a little prayer for my hubby too.  His company was closed today but as you know, he works in the water and sewer department.  There are things that must be done everyday at those plants.  Guess who gets to go do it today?  Yup...hubby.  He is out now.  Please say a prayer he gets back safely. 

Stay warm.

Until next time....


  1. This has been an awful winter. Even here in Indiana where we are use to snow and cold it has been hard. We have had extreme cold temperatures where it is too cold for the road salt to work. I have never seen our county schools and government close down so many times.

    I am sad to think of all those babies separated from their families. I know it will be a relief when your hubby is back safe at home. Stay safe, my friend!

  2. Our grocery stores always sell out of stuff every time we have bad weather. Shelves have been more empty this year with all the bitter temps we have had below zero. Our schools always close in bad weather and they have used up all their snow days...and have several make-up days at the end of the school year.
    I feel so bad for those that live down south. We have family and friends that live down near and in Atlanta. Keeping everyone that is out in this weather in my prayers.

  3. It really is amazing. I think this shut our little town down quicker than the blizzard of 93. Amazing. So glad we have power though. I have so enjoyed a couple of quiet days at home with Sweet Hunter! Glad to be back blogging too! Praying for your hubby.

  4. I can't even imagine! We have it pretty bad here but we pretty much still to about our day. The thing is, our school is rural so when the country roads get a great deal of snow, the plows can't keep up because they are trying to keep the major roads free. We are in day four of our snow day vacation. Yesterday they issued a driving ban, possible tickets so husband stayed home. We can't afford for him to lose his job but we can't afford for to to be hurt or receive a ticket. I'm hoping we are back to normal tomorrow. School and all. Like you said, I could not imagine not being able to get to my child. I hope things begin looking up for everyone. Take care.

  5. Holly
    I've seen your area on the news all day.
    It's just been horrible. I will pray and I hope the snow and ice melts soon. I'm glad your family is snug and safe.

  6. I hope ot all melts soon!

  7. I have been watching this on TV It happened here too. Stranded kids,etc. Not as bad as Atlanta. Glad you all were in and cozy after playing very hard in it.

  8. I am a Canadian who lives in the snowbelt. We would love your "snow storm" up here :) we have had 2 weeks of -35 degrees Celsius and white outs. Driving actually is scary at times even with snow tires.

    Hope everyone gets home safely.

  9. So glad you were able to experience the snow and hope hubby is safe. We are getting another 4 to 6 inches. We broke a record at 38 inches for this month alone. Janice